Corelle, You disappointed me!

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The other day, after eating lunch with my brother, I suddenly asked him if he knew about Corelle’s trademark of being unbreakable. He told me he didn’t know about it and never tested it before. So me, being a total badass with a smug look, took a bowl from the dishwasher and dropped it on the floor with confidence.

Imagine my shock when stupid bowl actually broke itself!!! It completely shattered to pieces before our very eyes!!!! We froze, just staring at the broken shards..

I was so dumbfounded I kept on laughing at the ridiculous scene, too… I totally didn’t expect that!!!

Corelle, you failed me!!!! All the confidence that evaporated to thin air because Corelle had to be such a total bitch and break itself.. Ugh!!!

And the most annoying thing is, this incident could’ve been easily prevented but I just have to be a smart ass and ruin everything.

Oh gawd, preposterous.

– – –

Fast Fact:
I always feel so sleepy whenever traveling. Even after traveling for just 10 minutes, I already feel like sleeping. Haha! What a baby!


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