Perving on Yunho

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I would like to start by saying that this post would contain explicit images of Yunho. Images beyond your wildest imagination. I mean, Even I haven’t seen these pictures until last night and I honestly haven’t even recovered from the shock it caused me.

Please, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! I am seriously insinuating you take this warning very seriously!

Now you’ve been warned. Hopefully I won’t chase you away after seeing the content of this particular post… Kyah!

Oh gawd.

I don’t know how I ended up being in this situation when all I was doing last night was exploring Tumblr for some BoA pictures. And then I saw this BoA picture during her US promotion. It was posted by Perving on K-pop. The post was coincidentally accompanied by a pervy but witty caption. I usually dismiss stuff like this because it was quite offensive in my opinion. And it involved BoA. But I don’t know… The Tumblr name was so intriguing that I just had to click it and well, what happened, happened.

I am not so proud to say this but I guess my inner perv, my dormant pervy side suddenly unleashed itself and OMG…. I’m so ashamed to say that, OMFG… I actually browsed their page. More than enjoying it (okay, maybe I did enjoy it. A little bit… There were, afterall, a lot of fanservice to fuel the inner perv in me.), I was actually shocked by the revelations I found out.

If it isn’t too obvious, I only involved myself with girl groups like SNSD, f(x), 4MIN, KARA, Brown Eyed Girls, Sistar, Miss A, etc. And for the longest time, I’ve only been a faithful fan of BoA — a female. I spend my time watching performances and variety shows by these female icons exclusively. If anything, I only follow DBSK from time to time and recently, Super Junior. With this in mind, I don’t know how else to elaborate just how little contact I have with these male groups.

But last night, OMFG. I just… I don’t know… A whole new awareness dawned on me. I think I wouldn’t be able to watch these male idols with a clean mind, only focusing on their faces and smooth choreography because after visiting that website, I was introduced to this thing called “bulge watching“. I haven’t even used the term ‘bulge‘ for something so NSFW before!

I wasn’t even aware that it was possible!!!! Call me naive, pitiful, unbelievably dumb but that type of habit (?) never occurred to me. I always look at a person’s face. I guess, for the opposite sex, the extent of my perviness would extend to enjoying some fanservice such as watching them ripping their clothes off or  their abs exposure during performances.

And I am one happy camper.

That’s why more than pure enjoyment, I was rather shocked by last night’s revelation about Yunho.

Apparently, based from the admins of said website, Yunho was voted as the K-pop idol who has, excuse me for the term, the biggest dick (The list posted this rank respectively: DBSK’s Yunho, Shinee’s Onew, Super Junior’s Leeteuk, Sungmin and Yesung). And to further prove that claim, they posted several legit pictures that would convince you of your doubts.

Now, brace yourself..

^ I may be mistaken but these pictures were probably from their SM Town concerts… I had the opportunity to watch that concert but I never had any thoughts of looking at it this way. It’s kinda disturbing. Those harness wrapped around his legs, positioned like that, looked so disturbing…

^ On a regular day, I would have  straight away commented on Yunho’s impressive dance moves. He’s afterall the designated dancer of their group. The best dancer. He’s got the moves and the swag I terribly love about this guy. This gif showcased Yunho’s powerful dancing skills without a doubt and then of course, the poster of this particular gif just have to comment about that. And then of course I would stop and verify her statement and OMG… Now I can’t bring myself to watch this with a clean and open mind. OMG, Lexie, pay attention to Yunho’s dancing please! THE DANCING!!!!

^ And as if that wasn’t enough, the above gif was soon followed by this!!!! The camera angle, Yunho’s front view, loose white pants… And seriously? Yunho-oppa just have to be jumping, too!???!?!??!!!?! Since my mind was already corrupted, of course I saw the thing quite immediately. I’m so sorry for my french, but you can very well see it’s shape so clearly. And I believe that, that is not your regular sized cock…

But wait, there’s more!

^It was tagged as Yunho’s thingy. Since it’s not a whole body picture, it’s quite hard to believe it’s him. BUT IF HE WERE…. Oh my…. Just one thing, why is he not wearing some undies?


How dare I post that macro as if I have any experience about how great it is to have sex with someone with a huge dick. Who knows, maybe I won’t be able to handle it anyway. And arg! I’m not even prepared for any type of contact to be saying this in the first place. Still, posting this up for my own personal amusement. I mean, Yunho-oppa is not my chosen baby daddy for nothing.

I think I made a very wise decision to give him that title.

HAHA!!!! Here comes my unwarranted delusion spree.

Oh, and before I conclude this post, let me just post one more gif featuring Leeteuk. HAHA! Brace yourself.

^ That’s awkward…. O_______o; I still can’t believe something like this happens. More so during live performances…!!!! I’m so disturbed…. This is not a simple wardrobe malfunction…

So, in conclusion:

– – –

Fast Fact:

I’m a virgin. There, I said it. Pitiful.

6 Responses to “Perving on Yunho”


  2. thanks to you!!!! but I let you this link I think you got more material for this!!! and you´ll find more in MJ concert tribute!!! I hope you enjoy it!!!!

  3. Being the incredible perv that I am, I’ve seen the majority of those pervy GIFs and images… And I’ve long since trained my eyes for bulges, whether I want to notice them or not. The one photo that caught my eye here was the one with the supposed “Yunho” and the white shorts…

    I really wish someone could verify that photo or not haha
    It could have just been from someone on tumblr pretending it was him or comparing them and therefore tagging it as Yunho.

    (Men’s Bathroom is like my favorite tumblr blog btw)

    • HAHA!!! I think I’m the only one behind. I honestly didn’t know until I saw that website. My ghad. My mind is now tainted! Not that it’s bad. I’m just really shocked when I found out.

      And about the picture in shorts, I doubt Yunho would be dumb to go out without wearing briefs/boxers BUT if it were him….. OMG!

      My body is ready!!!! LOL :3

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