The unlikely confession that almost didn’t happen.

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Yunho checked his watch for the seventh time. It’s 243pm. It’s humid and it’s even raining now. The coffee shop looked so dead as well. It’s definitely a mood killer. He tapped his left foot against the ground impatiently and glanced at his watch one more time. It wasn’t long when he heard the coffee shop’s door bell rang.

A new customer.

A petite young lady with dark hair hailed her way towards him. She had a sheepish look on her face but she was genuinely apologetic.

‘I can’t believe you made me wait this long…’ he said enunciating each word. BoA sat across the young man and bowed her head slightly, apologizing directly.

‘Caught in traffic. You know I suck at driving in this kind of weather…’ she cared to explain as she shifted her hair to her left shoulder exposing her slender neck at the other side.

‘You don’t have the slightest idea just how long you made me wait..’ he said under his breath, ‘And now that I have mustered enough courage to confess to you, here you are making me wait even more?!’ Yunho looked so upset. He groaned before continuing, ‘BoA, you better listen, and better listen good because I waited so long, too long in fact, just to tell you that I love you! There, I said it. I love you as a woman and I want you. I want you to be mine.’

The surge of emotion surprised Yunho. This wasn’t it. This wasn’t anything close to how he imagined it. He felt his cheeks burning up but the petite young lady across him had a different reaction.

To his surprise, a small smile crept on her face instead. ‘As if you didn’t make me wait just as long. I was getting rather impatient..’ she muttered, her eyes sparkling. ‘So yes, you can have me as long as I can have you for myself. I’m quite territorial by the way…’

Before Yunho can even process what just happened, BoA stood up, leaned across the table and lightly kissed him on the lips. A confirmation of the new beginning they are about to embark together. Not as friends this time but as lovers who waited too long for this moment to come.


– – –

This fic was originally longer and more dramatic… The other version seemed like I deviated so far from my original idea so I cut down a whole chunk of it and went straight to the point. It’s spontaneous and short. I wanted it to be shorter than this to be honest but I have a hard time limiting my use of words so yeah, not gonna happen… LOL!!!

Seriously, the fic is born out of my frustration because the two just won’t admit to themselves they love each other!!! Seriously! Just get married already!!! HAHA!!! You two are perfect! Ugh!!! All my feels… |||OTL

– – –

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3 Responses to “The unlikely confession that almost didn’t happen.”

  1. crying rivers
    that’s all
    *bawling because otp is just too perfect*

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