Hidden Feelings

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Yunho caressed her cheek. The touch of her skin made him sad, craving for something he can never really ask for. Still, he wanted her. Biting his lips, he regretfully left her to rest. Again, holding back his emotions.

As he left, BoA opened her eyes, touching her cheek.  She wasn’t asleep but Yunho coming to her  room was unexpected.

She sat up, calming her heart, only remembering Yunho’s lingering touch. Wanting more, so much more… But how can she even selfishly ask him that?

The silence became even more unbearable, especially to these two people missing each other’s heartbeat…


– – –

I don’t know why, but all of  a sudden, I was really obsessing over writing drabbles!!! Oh gawd…!!! I think the challenge was certainly piquing my interest. Coming up with a story composed of a hundred word count isn’t as easy as one would think. But I will do it!!!! I want to do it!!! HAHA!!!! So far, everything I’ve written (even the one shot stories) are perfect even for one shot mangas I enjoy drawing as well. HAHA!!! Oh gawd, Why am I having weird ideas!!!! Kyah!!!! I might just turn some of them into manga pages!!!

Kyah! Kyah!!!!

Picture (c) Owner

– – –

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