Yunho’s Property

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‘What’s up?’

‘I’m marking stuff my fans sent me for my anniversary,’ BoA answered not looking up, her full concentration to her task. Busy hands wrapping each items with her personalized tags she printed from the office.

Annoyed from the little attention he’s getting, Yunho grabbed her close, burying his face on her neck.

‘Idiot! What did you just do?!’

‘Thought I’d do the same.’

BoA’s face flushed as she hurriedly covered the mark Yunho left her. ‘Stupid, there’s no need for that..’ she whispered, embarrassed.

Yunho just smiled knowing with or without marking her, BoA will always be his.


– – –

ZOMG! I can’t believe this!!! Finally… Finally I was able to pen a proper drabble!!! Exactly 100 words, baby!!! I had to go through a lot of revisions, cutting chunks of text in order to come up with this… Still, I am very happy!!!! I’ve tried so many times to write a drabble but I never made the cut… I enjoy the luxury of using words and elaborating stuff so I always go over the word count :3 Writing drabbles are so hard…!!!!

Anyway, I hope the message was still clear. I’m so worried readers won’t be able to get what I meant by ‘Yunho’s Property‘ and how he personally brands his possessions (not in a negative sense.).

Hope you like it!!!!

Oh, a little info about the cute gif I posted to accompany the story I’ve written.. Yunho and BoA actually attended this certain Samsung Electronics event together (Actually, BoA, Homin and Lee Soo Man were all present at the time). And as BoA and Yunho were approaching each other from opposite sides, they exchanged  a bad ass high five between them. What’s so gangsta about it was the cool way they greeted each other. Never exchanging words, not even looking back, just a silent communication enough to prove their strong bond together.

Nope, I don’t think I’m quite delusion thinking this way out of this short clip.

Yunho and BoA… THEY’RE REAL!!!!

– – – 

100 Themes Challenge Writing Prompts: Possession

5 Responses to “Yunho’s Property”

  1. I must say that all of your Yunboa drabbles/short stories are awesome and very well written, making me happy that a good writer actually writes about this beautiful and special couple that has taken over my heart and topped all of my otps.
    If you ever want to spazz or talk to me, you can find me on AFF (peodbear), on twitter and on tumblr.
    hope to see more amazing stories from you, fellow writer.

    • Awww… Thanks so much for appreciating some of my written works!!! It makes me so happy!!! And I’m more than happy to chat with you of course!!! HAHA!!! I’m guessing you passed by here through Tumblr?


    • Haha! AFF? That’s a fanfiction site right? Surprisingly, I actually don’t read a lot of fanfics. As a matter of fact, I actually don’t… I’ve read some of course but it never become my hobby for some reason :c I’m not very familiar with AFF and how it works :c I’m not confident :c

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