Yunho’s Only One

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BoA: Everyone has someone special in the corner of their heart…”the only one”

– – –


Yunho just got home at that very moment when he received her very short text message. Without even bothering to change clothes, he dialed BoA’s number.

She picked up right away.


‘Hey, ‘sup? Just got home when I received your message.’ BoA squealed at the other line, puzzling him. ‘Is there any problem?’

BoA let out a long sigh. ‘Nah.. I didn’t think you’ll get home so fast after rehearsals..’ she sounded so dejected. ‘It’s okay. You go ahead and take a rest. It’s been an exhausting day..’

Yunho frowned. ‘You, telling me that when you haven’t even left the practice room. ‘ he heard her suck in her breath. She was silent for a while, obviously contemplating how she’ll answer him with a lie. She must be feeling guilty bothering him when he could’ve been resting at this very moment prior to her text message. ‘Wait for me, I’ll be there in 20 minutes,’ he announced without another word.

‘Wait! What?! No!!! You don’t have to! I’m fine! Stop! Stay there!!!’ she chocked in a panic.

‘Too late. I’m hanging up,’ he said in closing, not giving her any chance for a protest. He got in to his car and went straight to the practice room.

It was very late, it’s past midnight and the all too familiar office felt so dead. He walked silently until he reached the practice room. He opened the door quietly and saw BoA standing by the window, illuminated by the faint pin light.

She was very still.

Just watching her lonely back made him want to jerk from his place and run towards her.

At that moment, BoA turned around and saw Yunho by the door. ‘You scared me! How long have you been standing there?’

‘Just got here,’ he lied. He knew better than to reveal he could clearly see right through her fake facade.

‘But you didn’t have to..’ she pouted. ‘I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have sent you that message. I was just..’ she trailed off then turned her back from Yunho. ‘Ah, my back hurts!’ she exclaimed, suddenly avoiding the topic. She pretended to stretch, as Yunho watched her with pitiful eyes.

‘Come here.’

BoA ignored his words and continued her pretend exercise, sticking to her fabricated excuse.

Irritated, Yunho walked towards the petite girl, grabbed her by the waist, and flung her on his shoulders.

Completely surprised by his unexpected roughness, she started squirming as she helplessly hang on top of his broad shoulders. Using words won’t work on this girl so the young man decided to take a tougher approach.

So effortlessly, Yunho walked across the room towards an empty table. He grabbed BoA’s sides and made her seat on top of it, his arms are both at her side, locking her. There was no room for her to evade Yunho’s piercing eyes now.


This shocked BoA yet again. Between the both of them, she has always been the tougher cookie. Right now, she could clearly see the difference between them. She may be a senior to her in terms of work and they are even the same age. But Yunho is still a man. And she is a woman. Thinking about it so suddenly made her blush. She looked away hoping Yunho didn’t see her face.

‘Uhm..’ she hummed distracting her thoughts, at the same time finding a good alibi to get out of this situation. ‘Uhm… A favor!!! Didn’t I ask you for one? That’s it!’ Even to a child, it’s obvious she’s just finding excuses. ‘Tomorrow is my comeback stage and I wanted to really perfect the dance routine so I bothered you thinking that you could practice together with me. I know it’s late and you’re tired but I was–‘ she said in a rush only to be interrupted by Yunho’s tight embrace. Without knowing, tears she didn’t know she was holding started rolling down her cheeks. She couldn’t help herself anymore, she flung her arms around his back and hugged him tight.

‘Shh.. I know.. It’s okay..’ Yunho hushed. ‘You’re BoA and proving what that name holds can get really, really scary..’ BoA nodded in between sobs. ‘I know the great expectation that’s on your shoulders right now. To be continuously on the top, but watchful eyes just awaiting for your downfall… I understand all your fears…’ Yunho loosened the embrace so he could look at BoA. Her eyes were red, filled with tears. He knew she didn’t message him just to ask to practice with her. He knew, just by her silence, that she needed so much more than that. The burden she must be feeling right now just before her comeback… He knew it was overwhelming her. And to be carrying it all by herself, unable to voice out even her deepest concern just because she’s BoA.

Despite it all, she’ll endure everything by herself, as long as she could conceal her true feelings, she can fool anybody even herself… But the thing is, Yunho loves her. And that love sees everything.

‘I’m so scared… I was never the type of person to cling to popularity but everyone… Everyone around me has such great expectations from me…’ she sobbed, finally wiping her tears. ‘And I’m just so afraid I’ll disappoint all of them because of my incapabilities..’ she went on.

Her sincerity made him very sad. He knew the depth of her words and how much it’s hurting her. He enveloped her in his arms. This time, BoA didn’t let out a protest and fell deeper into his embrace.


‘And..?’ Yunho asked, curious.

‘I’m so incredibly afraid you’ll see this side of me… Of all people Yunho, of all people… I don’t want you to see any of my weaknesses..’ she buried her face on his chest. He, on the other hand, could only smile hearing her shy words.

‘There’s nothing you can really hide from me you know. But I’m positive there’s still so much you need to learn from me.’

She lifted her head and looked at him quizzically, not knowing where this conversation was going now.

‘To start…’ he said cupping both her cheeks, his smile so mesmerizing and his eyes, focused only to her. ‘I bet you didn’t know just how much I love you.’ he moved his head closer to her, wondering if she’ll reject him.


If she chose to shun him fully, he wouldn’t know how he’ll recover from it.


So many thoughts running through his mind but to stop would be pointless. If it’s worth the risk then definitely take the fall.


To his surprise, BoA closed her eyes and all that’s left was to brush his lips against hers.

– – –

‘Is this a dream?’ BoA murmured almost to herself.


BoA just kept on staring at the newspaper before her. Numerous articles were talking about the major success of her recently released 7th Korean album. Surge of congratulatory messages kept pouring in and fan mails were numerous. Yunho didn’t say a word. He was just happily gazing at her, contented.

‘I didn’t expect this. Really! It still feels so surreal.. Are you sure I’m not dreaming?’

Yunho grabbed her hand and kissed it. ‘Well…. I hope that isn’t so! Because I wouldn’t really want to wake up from a dream where I wouldn’t be able to call you as my only one..’

BoA groaned but Yunho just smiled at her. “Fine… I guess I’ll be Yunho’s only one…” she said playfully as she planted another kiss on his lips.


– – –

I wanted it to be as realistic as possible. Even incorporating, actual “BoA concerns” to give color to this fic (check out K-pop star). Not to mention, taking account real events as a background. The part where Yunho and BoA are practicing together, because they were.


There wasn’t realy direction for this fic when I started writing it last night but I am incredibly satisfied with it. HAHA!

Cheesy, but so what?!

– – –

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