Sooooooo Friday the 13th

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The craziest thing happened to me last Thursday! Ugh!

So, Thursday morning, my mom woke me up screaming for me to wake up, telling me it’s already 10am! I bolted right up! My class is at 1130 and that wouldn’t give me enough time to make it for school! But then, I learned my mom was just playing tricks on me. It was actually just 9am… Still, an hour of preparation isn’t enough (I don’t like rushing. I allot at least 2 hours for preparation). Good thing (?), my aunt visited and offered to give me a ride to SM Bacoor where I can take my ride to school.

Seeing ‘Lawton’ plastered on the bus’ front automatically made me think it’ll pass by my school, same as those buses I take from Zapote. I was incredibly late as it is already so I just took any bus with ‘Lawton’ on it unaware that ‘some’ buses actually take a different route! So there I was, standing uncomfortably inside the bus, on my way to an unknown destination. I wasn’t asleep but I suddenly had this feeling of being ‘lost‘. I was on an unfamiliar street. Since I didn’t know I’ve taken the wrong ride yet, I wasn’t too alarmed. But the consciousness was already dawning on me. Before I know it, I already passed by PWU, PCU and ultimately, UP Manila!!!! That certainly confirmed the fact that indeed, I’m lost!


So i had to ask people how I can get back my way to La Salle. I hailed a jeepney and sat next to the driver, instructing him to drop me off at La Salle, specifically at Ocampo street. It seemed forever but I reached my destination.

I walked hurriedly. When I was at the door, getting my stuff checked, I realized that my id wasn’t in my fucking purse!!! OMFG!!! I need to swipe it in order to get inside!!! I was panicking, not believing this was happening.

I tried calling Tiffany but she’s not answering. Jen wasn’t answering my text messages too and Whilton took a while to reply. I only have three numbers to contact so life isn’t giving me a lot of options, really…

Feeling even more pitiful than ever, I approached the clerk and told them about my situation. Even lying by telling them I supposedly ‘lost‘ my id just so I can get in..

I, at least, got a temporary pass.

Anyway, I was merely a few minutes away from my class. I took the elevator but OMG! Who would have thought that misfortunes would continue… Imagine, as soon as I got off of the lift, the Angelus would be playing?!

Obviously, I needed to stop and take this time to pray….

Oh gawd, misfortunes one after the other, it was cray cray!!!! I’m just glad my prof was a cool person and didn’t give me a hard time. But still, more than upset, I find everything quite hilarious! Haha!!! What the hell right?!

To summarize:

1. Got tricked by my mom.
2. Woke up late.
3. Took a jam packed bus.
4. Actually took the WRONG bus to school.
5. Totally lost in the concrete jungle.
6. Figured out my way going back to school but realized I didn’t bring my id with me.
7. Tried calling for help but I only know three numbers to contact! To which none couldn’t answer my call or reply to my messages sooner!
8. There was a line to take the elevator.
9. When I finally got off of the lift, Angelus started playing! I had to stop whatever the hell I was doing and pray (walking is absolutely discouraged during Angelus).
10. I didn’t get into trouble coming to class late but we had to submit 25% of our final project I wasn’t aware of!!!

Whew! Talk about feeling soooooo Friday the 13th on a Thursday!!!

– – –

Fast Fact:
I don’t drink Yakult. As a matter of fact, I quite dislike it…


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