New Husband Criteria

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So, I have mentioned before that I’ve been talking to a new friend since last week.

There were days that we don’t get to talk to each other because he doesn’t have a load or he’s too busy at work. Sometimes, I’m also at fault because I forget my cellphone at home and don’t get to reply to his messages as well. There’s a break in the communication which sucks. Also the fact that our only way to talk was over text messaging, isn’t helping either.

I doubt he has tried to visit my Facebook page yet and admittedly, I haven’t visited his either. I seriously don’t even know how he looks like… But then again, not approaching him aside from sms, is my woman pride restricting me to do so (and the fact that I don’t really visit Facebook as often as most people do actually). But he’s free to stalk me for all I care. HAHA! Still, I haven’t received any friend request in my email nor has he inquired if he could add me up. Then again, he did mention he’s not as active on Facebook either.


Tell me it’s not frustrating as it is already.

ANYWAY, before it becomes another rant post, all I wanna say really is that, through talking to him, I have realized that there’s another important factor I seem to require from any possible future husband. And if y’all curious of what I’m talking about, it’s simply the element of CONSISTENCY.

I am not taking this against Ian but since he’s the only guy I’m in contact with, I can’t help but use our current status as a point of argument. Through this event, I find myself quite disappointed that one day we’re texting for the whole day and all of a sudden that instance would be disrupted by a long period of silence. I assure you that there’s no emotional feelings involved here yet, but I’m also not gonna lie that there’s this feeling of disappointment like I said earlier. This is somewhat my problem with Kam. But that’s besides the points. That one’s different.


Well, at least some awareness is dawning on me. I’m beginning to be more specific of what I truly want from a guy and not just accept whatever’s offered in front of me. But I’m making sense, right? HAHA!

Oh well, towel.

– – –

Fast Fact:

I use different profile pictures to all of my social networks (eg. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Deviantart, WordPress, Instagram, etc)


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