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[EDIT: We were able to resolve the issue. Everything's fine now! 
But blogging just coz I don't wanna waste what I've written while I was stranded for 1.5 hours 
at Coastal. LOL!]

- - -

Fandom was born so fans will have a place where they can all understand each other. I’m sure any type of fan knows deep in their hearts that their admiration for a certain celebrity icon can be at times, beyond normal, no matter how much they deny it. But like what I just said, it is the very reason why Fandom exists. Here, any type of love is accepted. Everybody supports and understands each other.

That is why (unwelcome) onlookers wouldn’t grasp its relevance, and will just poke fun at us who take it seriously.

I actually don’t know how to explain the satisfaction a fan feels for her fandom except that it is also a form of happiness for everyone.

Happiness is different for everybody anyway so why judge us and continuously humiliate us?! Go flock to your own idea of happiness and leave us alone! SMH.

Ugh. I do not understand so your argument is INVALID.

This argument wouldn’t even come to light if this incident never happened.

A few days ago, a friend posted a message on my wall that greatly offended me.

“Stop spamming my feed with boa trash vids. Ughhh “

It ticked me off.

It was such a negative comment that even though I know it’s just a usual joke coming from him, I couldn’t look at it any way except for being, well, offensive.

Stop (negative) spamming (negative) my feed with boa trash (negative) vids. Ughhh (negative) ”

Iuno, how or when or why but all of a sudden, that friend messaged me on LINE and asked if I was really mad at him. I was really shocked how he even got an inkling. The only FB message that pertains to the incident was my wall post on Kim’s page but even that was really vague, too. I blocked him from seeing my activities so even if he did figure it out, he wouldn’t know until much later. It puzzles me. I don’t think he knows about my wordpress account obviously. The only link I could think of would be on Twitter and he’s pretty clever to have reached that point. He doesn’t even visit Twitter.

But to cut the long story short, he was aware about my bad mood and decided to have a public apology. But you know what, it feels like he just apologized so he can slap me again. As if apologizing wasn’t enough, he had to tag me again and shove down my throat that I acted the same way towards him so I shouldn’t have the gall to me all mad at him.


Seriously? How can I even take his apology now when here he is starting another war?! SMH.

– _________________-

I do not even have the energy or the humor to go up against him.  He’s been saying too that I’ve become soft and trivial things like this affects me now.

Truth be told, I was never okay with their fandom bashing. It doesn’t sit well with me and it take an incredible amount of  self control for me not to lash out at them.


Even I think this is petty. But getting offended doesn’t choose any time, place or even reasoning. What’s been done is done. The damage is already there.

I don’t want to deal with this anymore. It won’t take me a long time to get over this issue but RIGHT NOW, I’m just not in the perfect humor to properly accept his apology.

Have a good day.

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