I’m a Charming Girl

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I wouldn’t say I am the most charming gurl out there because I’m not. You would even say that at first glance, I am such a dislikable person because of my snobbish look at an unfamiliar place or crowd.

But then, when I finally get accustomed to my surroundings, you’ll learn that I’m the zaniest person alive you’ll ever meet in this lifetime.


Even if I have no shame saying this with my own mouth, I’m quite confident to claim that I’m not a boring person. Even if it takes me to fake my confidence to talk to people, I can very well keep the conversation going and actually have some interaction and stuff if I want to.

With that being said, I would have to also say that I dislike boring people. I simply don’t like it, too when I’m meeting a potential boyfriend and he turns out being either boring, passive, indecisive or a person with no opinion. (add: inconsistent!!!!)

In a related note, I really don’t mean to offend him but each passing day, I grow to get bored of Ian. There’s ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to talk about. He’s always asking, in the most jejemon way, what I’m doing every single time!!!! Like seriously?! I know that’s a good introduction for a potential conversation but that’s seriously the only thing we talk about. Like when I tell him what I was up to, he’ll ask again after 30minutes. Nothing to pique my interest.


It’s worst than updating my Twitter… AND I LOVE TWITTER AND I TWEET A LOT!!!!

I want to tell him about my fandom and stuff for conversation’s sake but I’m sensitive enough to know that it’s not the sort of thing he’ll enjoy so I just shut it.

It also quite irritate me when we’re actually having a decent conversation and all of a sudden I won’t hear from him in a long time, even for days, and iuno. That sucks. Such a turn off. And as my woman pride, although I can, I rather not text him first.

I don’t particularly dislike Ian yet. We barely talk to gauge my real feelings in this situation but, him, boring me at this very early stage, is not a good sign.

Still, benefit of the doubt. Maybe I’m boring him, too. Who knows. It can’t be all his fault coz I’m sure along the line, I might’ve done something horrid, too. MAYBE. Benefit of the doubt. Anyway, it’s not like he likes me in that way?


Just an update of our progress that never really happened. Haha!!!

I guess I’ll just allot more time to my drama. That’s rather fun compared to this.

Actually finished Rooftop Prince! Love Rain, you’re next!!! And Big! And To The Beautiful You! And Gentleman’s Class! And Sooyoungie’s drama.


No wonder I don’t have time to watch animé and read manga anymore. This is saddening…


– – –
Fast Fact:
When I was a kid, I hated using blankets. To save myself from freezing to death, I burry my feet under my pillow.

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