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OMG, bestfriend is talking about Taeyeon, so randomly, with me over skype…. Is this the end of the world??!!?!?!!???

Well, she was talking to our other friend so I was on hold. Still, she was messaging me :3

You spelled Taeyeon TOTALLY WRONG by the way!!!!!!

It was so funny, too how she opened the conversation by saying “Kilala mo ba si Taeyang?”

And I was like, “Oo, member ng–” (I was ready to say Big Bang when she disturbed my speech. I mean, there could only be one TAEYANG, right???)

And she cut me off by saying another failed attempt at making pasikat by mentioning she’s the member of SNSD?!!?!?!???!!? (to which, she can’t even spell SNSD properly, too. THIRD FAIL OF THE NIGHT! Talking about Taeyang and Taeyeon as the same person? Really?!)

HAHA! So, soooo funny!!! Good thing you’re absolutely clueless with K-pop so I won’t bash you :3 Of course I know you don’t have any interest with any of the past articles that I’ve written regarding fandom, too, but it’s okay. Just visit me anytime and thanks for even bothering! HAHA!!! I’ll try to write a more relevant news about myself if I get the chance.

And oh, just for you:

– – –

ANYWAY, so I was checking my stats earlier today. I haven’t been in a while since I was so busy working on my final project for flash!!! For three straight days, I’ve been sleeping in between 5am-6am because I was so diligent in finishing it on time!!! It even came to the point that I had to take aspirin to relieve my fatigue and headache…

But I’m actually quite happy to say that everything turned out quite good and I love it!!!! HAHA!!!!

So yeah, I was so busy that I have been neglecting Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, and just about everything… I feel so out of the loop!!!!

That’s why when I checked WordPress, I was utterly shocked that before I know it, I already set another milestone for myself!!!!!!


About an hour ago, I checked my stats and it revealed an outstanding 5,000 hits for this month!!!! WOW!!! That’s an amazing feat, really!!!! I wouldn’t say it just happened so randomly because as you can see, for six consecutive months (including that of November 2011), I’ve been getting more than 3,000 hits each month. I heard that’s a pretty decent traffic :3


That made me so happy! Not only did I just receive my 100th like for my blog a couple of weeks ago and NOW!!!!

Thank you so, sooooo much friends, followers, readers, lurkers, occasional readers, visitors and just about everybody for making this possible!!!! HAHA!!!!

I’ll try to update as much as I can even if it’s just another boring story from me. HAHA!!! Again!!! Muchos gracias minna-san! Annyeong!!!!

– – –

Fast Fact:

You know you’re alcoholic when you start saying “Patrón” instead of “Petron”. TRUE STORY.

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