I’m A Capricorn

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So I stumbled upon this particular blog about Zodiac signs and well, I couldn’t help myself but to relate to some of the posts on there:

^ I think this is more than accurate description of myself… HAHA!!! I think it’s very evident, isn’t it? Ever since I can remember, I’ve been a certified otaku and fangurl. Been this way ever since I got to discover Sailormoon in second grade. That would be 17 years since then :3

^ Accurate. Since having the same interests or opinions make me befriend a person easier, it has proven to be the easiest way for me to adopt to any situation. I loosen up quick during such circumstances. I don’t enclose myself to this kind of thinking though. It’s just less effort for me :3

^ I can’t even begin to explain how relevant this post is. I don’t feel like elaborating either so, yeah…

^ HAHA. One of the discoveries I discovered about myself this past few years. HAHA!

^ Spot on. I try not to get affected by my insecurities but sometimes it’s just so hard to ignore it. So even if I know I have so much potential, I tend to fail in the end :c This is so frustrating…

^ Well, at least despite of all the insecurities, it only got me to delay some of my ‘successes’ in life instead of completely stopping me from achieving what I deserve :3 And I am very willing to start from scratch. The process is gonna be long but I know in the end, it’ll be all worth it :3

^ HAHA. I’ve only been in one ridiculous relationship before but even with that, I can’t help but to agree to this piece of revelation under my Zodiac. Yesh, I can be quite subtle in my own to get my way.. :3

^ Ugh. Pride. It’s so true…

– – –

HAHA! That was fun!

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