Second Semester

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So, we just concluded our first week of school..

I know it’s just the beginning but I already can’t help but feel so overwhelmed!!! I thought since I survived the first term, Second term wouldn’t be as hard for me to adjust now. Lo and behold, I’m already shitting my pants!

I didn’t expect that this term would be twice as demanding compared to the first semester!!!!

WebMang was already making me go crazy! And it was just our first subject for the week! During our class, I couldn’t even complete our assessment activity! Oh gawd, I totally failed that one… :c  And then we have Vidstrm where we were expected to edit clips on our first day! I don’t even have any idea how Adobe Premier and After Effects works! And my brother’s not here to teach me!!! To add to that, by next week, we needa have a video material we shot ourselves for our next activity! It’s easy if all we gotta do is shoot a random vid but noooooooo!!!! We gotta make sure that it has a story line that is related to a poem and stuff!!! So, not only do I have a wrack my brains for some video concept, I also need to look for a good poem to parallel it with!!!!

It’s making me depressed…

And we still have two other subjects that are more demanding than these two… NetMark and WebPub… I know I’ve said this before but when I took this course, I thought it won’t be this difficult… I’m still so surprised by the amount of energy I needa spend working on all of my requirements… *sniff*

Please help me God survive this new challenges… I really want to do well so please… PLEASE…!!!!

– – –

Fast Fact:

I can’t concentrate working on something if I don’t have music playing in the background…


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