I think I’m annoying.

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It’s not a secret that I had started my school end of May this year. It was both scary and exciting. Although I was the one who specifically chose this course, I didn’t know what to expect, really.

At first. I thought it won’t be as demanding as a real degree course but I was so wrong thinking so naively like this.. Since it’s a Diploma class completed in  a course of a year, everything was crammed together and the weight was heavier than any of us had expected!!! It was to the point that some of my classmates had dropped out, not able to keep up anymore.

I admit I’ve been having such a hard time myself. Everything was foreign except for Photoshop. And then the bulk of homework at the end of each class was ridiculous! Just last term, I’ve been sleeping around 5-6 in the morning because I’ve been trying to finish all the requirements I needed for class.

I know I complain a lot even about the most stupid things when it comes to school but I can’t help myself NOT to neglect any of my work and relax. It’s almost at the point that I think I’m being too EAGER. Although an affectionate nickname, they even sometimes call me Class President. HAHA!


I really can’t take anything for granted so even if it’s hard, I really try my best at every subjects that we have. As soon as I get home, I work on my HW. Even during my days off, I just stay at home and do my projects.

At least I see the fruit of my labor and in all fairness, I’m quite satisfied with the output of all the sweat and blood I shed for this course. And it’s quite uplifting that my works are recognized even by just a little bit :3


I just don’t wanna appear too enthusiastic bordering annoying amongst my classmates. You know how in each class, there’s always this one person who always wants to be at the top? I want to do good in my class but I don’t like that kind of image.


Oh well, I’ll just do the best that I can do. Anyway, it’s for my own road to success so I’ll just not mind my paranoia. HAHA!!!



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