Pride is in the Way

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School Edition.

Well, for this new term, we have this particular subject I really enjoy. It’s our class for NetMark. In this class, we are taught about several Internet Marketing strategies. Aside from the class itself, we also actively participate in some kind of commerce. In class, we were asked to create another blog on WordPress where we could upload all our written articles for our client (selected by our instructor).

We had our first taste of blogging (school related) by writing an article about Different Business Models. It was so different because I’m not used to writing informative write ups but I found myself enjoying it nonetheless. Anyway, when we submitted our urls, our instructor made a master blog post to feature our class’ output and then she set up a poll. Basically, people needed to vote so our instructor would know who would be the top three student for the certain activity.

I wasn’t aware of it at first until I visited the site myself and saw that there were already a few people who voted for me. It was a flattering feeling. I felt greedy and started asking help from friends (special shout out goes to Kim, Monica, John, Kam, Ate Cecile. Ate Sao, Zei and P-chan) though all the while, it embarrassed me. I hate asking for help in this kind of manner but I’m glad all of them were very supportive and voted for me regardless.

Still, I ended up being at the bottom of the class.

In reality, this gimmick doesn’t appeal to me. All of a sudden it has become a popularity contest. And although all articles our class came up with are all good, the poll drowned the essence as to why we even started writing blog entries and why we were even voting for them…

And so, I have made a difficult decision to stop asking help from friends if I can help it. I know blog votes comprises 30% of our total scores (which is undeniably a big bulk of our grading system), but I can’t bring myself to participate in this scheme anymore. Again for this week, I’m at the bottom of the class. I don’t even have 20 votes under my name and I’m up against people who has more that 60+ votes?! HAHA!

And FYI, I didn’t state the statistic in order to gain your sympathy. This poll is just really ridiculous in my point of view, as a student, who really works hard on this subject (LOL, but really…). If I want to be at the top of the class, I want it to be because I actually deserve it. (though all my classmates are really talented, too!)

I’m saying this now. Eventually I might still need a helping hand if my grade is compromised so please just continue to support me :3



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