Love Song

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‘Hey, I was still listening to that song,’ Yunho protested as BoA turned off his mp3.

‘We’re already here at the airport. We need to be careful not to let them get any suspicions between us..’ She explained in a hushed voice. She straightened her dress and fixed her hair.

‘BoA, we’ve been together for five years. What’s there to be afraid of, really?’

She didn’t say anything.

For five years, they’ve kept their relationship a secret. Even their closest friends can’t know about it. Controlling both of their actions was more difficult than any hardship they have at work. Yet, Yunho didn’t say anything against it. Sometimes BoA wonders how Yunho can even put up with her for so long..

Yunho sighed. ‘I’m not a fan of any secret relationships but because it’s you, and I love you, I’ll just go along with whatever you ask me to. This is nothing compared to potentially losing you anyway. ‘

He took off the other earphones and flung the cord around his neck before getting out of the van.

She knew Yunho was sincere with his words and he’ll readily do whatever she wishes for. Yet somehow, her heart was unsettled.

It’s been five years. They’re not young anymore, chasing for their dreams. They have achieved everything there is to life except for one…

BoA closed her eyes and calmed her senses. As soon as she opened them she knew.

With a new found resolution, she got down of the van and searched for Yunho. To divert any suspicions from the crowd, as if he was waiting for someone — BoA, Yunho walked slightly further away from the van but not too far away to leave BoA by herself. He followed BoA’s movement through the corner of his eyes as he mechanically plugged his earphones back. When she was a few feet away from him, he decided to retract his pace, careful not to be too close to her. He walked right behind her, watching her.

It was an all to familiar gesture from Yunho. He really did everything to protect her. And in return, she can’t even let the both of them listen to their favorite song a while longer?

Smiling despite herself, she stopped. Now side by side with him. Yunho was taken aback but because of his dark glasses, he prevented his surprise from spilling from his eyes.

Smiling, BoA tiptoed and reached for the other side of his earphones and wore it herself. Their favorite song was still playing. Yunho glanced at her in panic but she only returned a smile back. And slowly, Yunho was starting to understand.

They don’t need to literally tell the world about their feelings for each other. Small gestures already means a lot.

And while listening to the same song, at the same time, was as if having their hearts beat together as one… Sharing memories… Sharing experiences… Sharing their lives together…

What was there to be afraid of? They’re not young anymore, chasing for their dreams. They have achieved everything there is to life except for one…

And that one…

Yunho and BoA exchanged glances. Without words, they already know the answer to that.


– – –

OMG! It’s been forever since I last wrote a fanfic and OMG!!!! I am very happy with this!!!!

Of course, an idea struck me at 2AM! With my handy iphone, I started typing my life away and gave birth to this fic ❤ I think it helped that I have pictures to kinda expound the mood of this. Whatchu think?

Anyway! As always, I’m delusional but I honestly wish you like it. It was meant to be a drabble but as if I can contain my feelings for them so yeah…


pictures (c) owners

– – –

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