Gearing Up For KOMIKON 2013

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Hi! Yes, I’m still alive :3

And this time, I actually have the time to discuss a more relevant event about my life apart from my usual fangurling antics… Not that I can help it but you’ll just have to get used to it :3

ANYWAY, a few weeks ago, I attended Komikon together with my friends. Zei, Zy and I went there and enjoyed the whole feel of it (then we met up with Kuya Rex and Ate Sao). It’s my second time and as always, I love what I saw!!!! It was exhilarating! The crowd was fantastic and my eyes feasted on so many indie komiks readily available at my disposal! I kid you not, I spent more than a thousand bucks just for that one day. I don’t know where my money go BUT I REGRET NOTHING!

When the day ended, I had a small talk with Zei and told her I want to participate in Komikon. I don’t know if she took me seriously that time but weeks after that, we finally started talking about it a little more seriously.

Last week, I begged them to meet me because I needed Zei’s help for my class project. I went to their shop and finished my project, ate a lot, talked a lot and well, the topic about KOMIKON came up. I told her I was serious and I even have one shots that are ready to be ‘published‘ already. All I need was an opportunity. I told her honestly though, that I can’t do it alone myself, so if she’s willing to waste her time to and gamble in this unprofitable gig, I want us to work as partners.

And as if a miracle was granted, she said yes ❤

We’ve been estimating costs and stuff. Planning and researching… She was very helpful! In fact, just a few days ago, I visited them again and scanned the first story already!!!! OMIGOD! I owe them big time for this!!! I’m just really finishing up with all the shit I have left for school so I can begin working on this project!!! I can’t wait and I am very ecstatic!

As a personal preparation, I also downloaded a whole bunch of useful brushes and tones!!! I know I’m really loaded with work (what, with our looming finals, Art Trades, Art Gifts, Art Requests and my recently concluded Christmas Card commissions, damn… Life is pretty hectic for me..). I’m hoping that during Christmas break, I’ll have more time to work on this! I plan to release a back to back story :3


I know I’ve posted this before on Devianatrt and Tumblr but here’s the cover art for one of the stories :3

– – –

Fast Fact:

I don’t ship same sex idols/fictional characters. I have nothing against them, just not too inclined with that.


4 Responses to “Gearing Up For KOMIKON 2013”

  1. fighto Lexie… pa-email na lang din ng mga files para makagawa tayo ng prototype copy ^__^v demanding ang publisher mo wahahahahaha

    • HAHA!!!! Okay Zei, e-mail ko sayo yung edited version. Di ko palang alam kung makakadrawing ako new images as “mock cover” para pati yung cover eh magawan mo ng paraan. Whatchu think? But yeah, imma take care of it!

  2. Napadaan lang 😀

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