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Original post HERE. Damn, it’s so hard maintaining several blogs. This will kill me…

Oh good lawd.

So I just found out that the article I submitted on Buzzle was finally approved. I didn’t even know about it until I saw it on Moodle. I thought that at least Buzzle will notify me through e-mail whatnot.

ANYWAY, so I checked out my stuff and was genuinely surprised that I even have like, more than a thousand views on my article! Was that normal? Coz this is my first time doing something like this. I don’t know, but that was uplifting. And then, there were even two comments! Can you imagine?! I’m a sucker for comments so I immediately checked it and OMG.

Talk about unsolicited comment. HAHA!

It’s okay if he finds my article boring whatnot. It was a boring article. But to even find the time from his busy schedule to actually leave that nasty comment was really, iuno, necessary? Should I give you a standing ovation for your efforts? HAHA! I don’t want to sound sooooo butt hurt right now but the thing is, he made it seem like I didn’t even put effort on that article when I fucking spent the whole day agonizing about how I can effectively execute my thoughts. I made my research freakin’ asshole. And he thinks I’m naive for thinking in such a way?! Oh please, don’t rub your pessimistic way of thinking on people that can’t be bothered, really.

And as if the first statement wasn’t enough, he just have to give me another jab and shove my throat how pathetic my work was.

OMG, seriously dying here.

So to you sir:

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