Only One Special Stage (2/2)

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‘Only One stage in two minutes!’ The staff called out prompting BoA from her reverie. She was watching SNSD on their special stage before she scurried away to be prepped.

She searched the backstage for Yunho when somebody tapped her shoulder from behind.

‘Where were you! We’re almost up!’

‘Just finalizing some stuff,’ he replied.

BoA looked at him suspiciously. ‘And what exactly were you up to…’ Yunho just smiled but his heart was really hammering against his rib cage by now.

‘Oh nothing, nothing!’ BoA wasn’t convinced. She narrowed her eyes forcing Yunho to just spill the beans.

Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 11.05.41 PM

‘Only One! Cue in 30 seconds!’ The staff yelled. Leaving them no other choice, BoA dropped the conversation and spun around to stand behind the curtains. At her back, she noticed Yunho, Changmin, DongHae, Eunhyuk, Taemin and Sehun tailing her from behind.

‘What are you guys doing here?! Where’s my–‘

She was silenced when the curtains opened abruptly. They were about to start. It gave her only a few seconds to compose herself and perform her song perfectly — if that’s even possible.

When she entered together with her other labelmates, the crowd roared with excitement. She was genuinely shocked as well! They didn’t know how much it took for her to process everything that was happening in a snap of a finger. All of a sudden, there was a change in the dance lineup. And it happened at the very last minute, literally. But she needed to focus.

She realized how thankful she was for all the training she did. Her body naturally moved according to the beat of the song.

She eyed Yunho every chance she gets. He only smiled at her and urged her to continue with the performance. It was very surprising though because everybody learned the dance and it was flawless. She’s a bit picky with her dancers, but even without an actual practice with these guys, this team was doing a great job! It looked like an actual performance she prepared with them for weeks.

With that, it gave her a different type of excitement. Add to that was the energetic crowd cheers. They were really enjoying it! And surprisingly, she did, too! BoA doesn’t like surprises but this was at least pleasant.

And then the music started to transition for the  much awaited couple dance. The light dimmed and there was just a purple hue focusing on them.

During practice, Yunho and BoA never discussed any special fan service for the event. Somehow fan service became a standard procedure for her stages. With Yunho though, they just treated this as a normal show.

That’s why when they finally stood face to face, when his hands cupped her cheeks, and leaned forward for a kiss instead, it shocked her beyond words. The crowd fell in a confused silence and all she could hear was her heartbeat hammering against her chest.The lights were purposely dimmed and his angle covered most of her face to know what really happened. It was too quick but she knew what they both shared. Only the two of them would really know the truth.. On the stage where there’s only the two of them that existed…

The crowd started roaring like thunder jolting her back to her senses in a split second while Yunho went along with what they practiced as if nothing happened.

As for BoA, she probably forgot the lyrics at some point of the performance and maybe her voice cracked, too while singing. She didn’t know. She was very confused.

After the song, they took a bow, and greeted the audience goodbye. Yunho slipped his hand in between hers in the shadows, giving her another shock just before they exit the stage. He pulled her towards him, away from the others that just nodded in approval.

BoA’s dressing room was deserted when they came. The room was spacious enough for at least 15 people but she felt like suffocating.

‘W-what’s happening..?’ She mumbled fiddling with her hair, unable to look at Yunho’s expectant eyes. It was so uncomfortable being with him alone like this. Especially when that just happened.

‘I was thinking that maybe I can provide you with an answer for your supposed hypothesis.’

BoA glanced up in disbelief. ‘Don’t tell me.. You took that seriously?’

Yunho frowned. ‘Am I not supposed to?’ BoA fell silent and lowered her gaze. She didn’t know how to respond to that. Of course she wanted to hear his thoughts but she’s not exactly sure if she was prepared for it.

‘It was just a question. It’s not like I’m involved in anyway…’ She mumbled.

Yunho walked closer to her, sealing their distance with an embrace. ‘I don’t think I want to hide in the shadows of a hypothesis. I want to be honest with you.’ Yunho peered through her eyes. ‘I want us to be honest with each other.’

BoA pushed him away, forcing them to stand face to face, locking eyes.

There were so many thoughts that were running in her mind. The talk they shared a while back, what just happened during her performance and what’s happening right now. If it’s just a sick game he prepared to annoy her, she would hate him forever.

But it wasn’t that.

The sincerity reverberated from Yunho and he’s waiting patiently.

Her heart skipped a beat.

‘I’m not satisfied being just friends,’ she started, her voice slightly trembled. ‘I thought that was enough at first but this feeling grew and… It’s been just so hard…’ She didn’t expect this time will come. Bearing her soul made her feel vulnerable but at the same time, the burden in her heart was lifted. ‘I don’t want to always hide this feelings for you. I want you, Yunho.’

Tears started to fall down Yunho’s cheeks unable to control himself, he grabbed BoA’s small frame and enveloped her in a tight embrace. Tears started to form at the corner of her eyes as well. She returned the embrace and it was all there is to express those caged feelings they so desperately wanted to forget at first.

Just mere acquaintances. Casual friends. Bestfriends, to lovers..

The two didn’t expect things to transition this way. They fell in love. All of a sudden, it’s the most precious thing they have ever felt before.

‘You don’t have to worry about anything already..’ Yunho said soothingly as he caressed BoA’s long locks. ‘I’ll protect you. And we have their blessings.’

BoA smiled. ‘It’s as if you have everything figured out. Yunho held her hands, smiling. ‘Should I feel lucky?’

I should be feeling lucky. Just remember, I’ll always be your dependable guy. And as a reminder, this is merely the beginning.’ Yunho leaned forward so the both of them can share another kiss. BoA responded and everything was just like a dream.


Of all people, Seohyun saw the two sharing quite an intimate time together.

Seohyun spun around automatically, ‘I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to intrude!’

Yunho and BoA just smiled at the flustered maknae. They can only imagine what she must have felt as she accidentally saw the both of them.

‘It’s okay Seohyun,’ Yunho said. ‘Is there anything you need?’

‘Uh.. Uhm.. Changmin-oppa told me to call you out..’ She explained, her back still turned away from them.

‘That evil maknae.. I’ll get him!’ BoA grunted realizing that it was a ploy Changmin came up with to destroy their moment. ‘And even using our innocent Seohyun? He’s very calculative…’

‘Okay, we’ll be right out. I think it’s almost time for the closing ceremony anyway,’ Yunho sighed.

‘Yes. Then, I’ll take my leave now.’

Yunho and BoA looked at each other as soon as Seohyun left the room. A smile crept on their faces and the two started laughing.

‘Well, ready to face the world together?’

BoA slipped her hands in between Yunho’s and squeezed them tight. ‘Yes, more than ever.’

The two took their first step. A step to a beautiful future they will both create together.

Yes, they’re looking forward to a beautiful future.. Together.


holding hands

– – –

Only One Special Stage (1/2)

– – –

And that concludes this long fic. HAHA! First of all, thank you for reading. Secondly, I want to apologize for the pictures I used. I know it doesn’t seem to connect but at least the feel is there? There were only two YunBoA perfs so I didn’t have a lot of resources really… So yeah, I had to be a bit creative. And lastly, I would like to give a shoutout to Jo who inspired me to write this fic :3

HAHA. Oh gawd, me and my love for CHEESE.

– – –

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