Under the Mistletoe

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‘Yunho! What are you doing outside? We’re already starting!’ BoA shouted by the glass door. Behind her were their fellow labelmates clanking glasses, wearing several Christmas themed accessories, taking pictures with everyone.

It was the 24th.

After everybody’s schedule for the day, the company organized an intimate Christmas party for the artists as a simple gesture of gratitude for a fruitful year. Not everyone attended but Yunho made sure BoA did despite her reluctance at first.

BoA waited for a reply but Yunho didn’t even turn to look at her. Annoyed, she secretly slipped out of the room and walked to Yunho’s direction. She stood right behind him admiring his wide shoulders. He was really tall, and she looked even more tiny alongside him.

Absentmindedly, she lifted her hand and started tracing his back lightly.

‘Write your name on some one else’s back, not mine.’

BoA just smiled and waited for Yunho to face her. ‘How long have you been here? You should’ve messaged me to let me know you’re here.’

Yunho fixed his hair and tried to suppress a smile. He was almost successful but the dancing Christmas lights were everywhere illuminating the place just enough to let them see each other’s faces.

‘I was supposed to then changed my mind.’ BoA looked at him quizzically, expecting for a better explanation that actually made sense, but there was none.

‘Whatever. You’re lucky I saw you!’

‘No, I’m lucky because you were waiting for me..’ He teased making her blush. He felt triumphant.

‘Ugh, shut up…’ She snapped in a small voice, obviously flustered, yet, she liked what he said. Only, there’s no way she will ever admit it to him out loud. ‘But why wait out here in the cold?’ She hugged herself as if to warm her body and looked around to see if anybody else were coming.

‘Because it’s Christmas!’ He answered without second thoughts. ‘And, well… Because there’s something I’ve always wanted to do…’ he paused while clearing his throat, ‘I want to kiss under the mistletoe.’

BoA looked up and saw for the first time the porch hallway roof decorated with several mistletoe bound by a big red bow. They were directly under one of them.

‘You set me up!’ BoA said accusingly meaning to give Yunho a slight push on the chest when he caught both her arms and smiled.

‘Sorry but I’m not sorry,’ he grinned.

It was an old tradition. They’re not even sure if kissing under the mistletoe was still being done by couples but it’s their first Christmas together.. So at least make it memorable, right?

A few months ago, after finally mustering the courage to confess to BoA, the two finally admitted their feelings for each. It was an event not particularly romantic, BoA practically killed any romantic air that time with her bluntness, but it was special in a way that it started another chapter of their lives. That after a long long time of being ‘bestfriends‘, they’re finally seeing each other as lovers.

The memories from that day occupied their thoughts. They were both silent for a minute just remembering, and as if on cue, snowflakes started fluttering in the air. BoA caught one and let it melt on her hand.

‘Well, we’re under the mistletoe already, and it’s Christmas, so I guess–‘

Smiling, Yunho leaned closer and sealed her lips with a kiss without her finishing her thoughts. His protective arms surrounded her in an embrace as she slid her arms in between them and pulled Yunho closer to her, kissing him…

‘BoA unnie!’ Tiffany called out. Yunho and BoA were both startled as they cocked their heads at Tiffany’s direction, letting go of each other immediately in the process.

‘Ah, yes Fany-ah?’ BoA croaked catching Tiffany’s attention. It was weirder not to answer and just let her find the both of them together in an unlikely situation.

Tiffany turned her head to the direction of the voice and saw BoA as well as Yunho’s towering physique before her. ‘What were you–‘ she started when she noticed just how close they were standing together, all the while BoA seemed to have a huge amount of interest playing with her coat buttons. She quickly shifted her eyes upwards and saw that they were even under a mistletoe. It doesn’t take a genius to read this situation.

‘I’m sorry!’ She called out, turning a way before the two can even say a word.

‘Too obvious?’

BoA rolled her eyes. She’s not even going to attempt and answer his question. ‘Oh well, it’s Christmas… Might as well tell everybody about us officially and receive their blessings. ‘

‘I like that..’

Yunho held out his hand and BoA reached for it without any hesitation. Both smiling, they entered the room to greet everybody and tell them the great news.

Ah, Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year.


– – –

Quick fanfic. I forced my brain to come up with a Christmas fic, thus. I wanted it to be more witty than romantic. Iuno, it’s really simple and direct. Nothing much going on really but I like it :3

LOL, aside from writing, I do my own graphic arts now.. HAHA! Thank you YunBoA, you make me so artistic and inspired~

– – –

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