12.21.12: The Mayan’s True Prediction is actually SNSD’s Korean Comeback and not the End Of The World

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12.21.12 = 1+2+2+1+1+2 = 9

Look at that! Just look at that!!! It’s so fitting!!! This is what the Mayans meant, not some end of the world shizzzz. Damn! It’s like SNSD’s born specifically for this :3

– – –


Omg, I swear to God, Fandom will be the death of me!!! So in a few hours, SNSD will unveil a new track to their upcoming Korean Comeback. According to rumors, it’s (actually) a remake of their song from years back (I’m glad it’s not Flower Power Korean remake!!!!). SONE’s speculation is that they might re-release ‘Into The Nee World’.

Lol, how fitting :3

You know how today’s supposed to be the end of the world but instead SNSD announced their comeback and if our speculation is right (tho I doubt it), they’ll release ‘Into The New World’. Lol, did you get that? It’s not the ‘end of the world’ but merely SNSD’s comeback with ‘Into The New World’. We’re entering into the new world!!!!!

Oh gawd, if you’re a SONE you’ll know what I mean and I wouldn’t even have to explain it :3

Oh gawd, I’m rambling so hard.. I cannot… Oh gawd, this is killing me…!!! I’m literally shaking from all the excitement! Fuck! They made us wait for 15 months! Aigoo!!! This is to be expected!!!

But I’ll try to catch some sleep and wake up to a beautiful surprise from my BBs. Haha!!!

I’ll see you fellow SONEs ❤

Gonna take a nap while I listen to nothing but SNSD's songs ❤



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