Yes, I Will.

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yes i will by eyes2blues

He raised an old crumpled paper so she can look at it closely.

‘Yes, I will.’

‘Yep!’ he exclaimed, as BoA read what’s on it.

‘You’ve kept that birthday coupon all this time?!’

Yunho nodded. ‘It’s your birthday gift to me–‘

‘A decade ago.’ She finished. ‘You seriously wanna use it now?’

‘Why not?! You promised!’

BoA sighed. ‘Fine. Then just tell me already.’

Yunho braced himself. It’s been a decade but he knew exactly when he’ll need to use it. He held on to it for this long if only for this special moment.

BoA, will you marry me?’


– – –

OMG! It’s been a long time since I’ve written a drabble! So when an idea hit me at 3 in the morning, I just have to write it down! HAHA! Well, the idea prolly came to mind since I just recently watched Reply 1997 (which is an amazing drama btw!).

Moving on, in the drama, the lead girl (Shi Won) gives her bestfriend (Yoon Jae) a birthday coupon each year. The coupons are entitlements to several wishes such as to make Yoon Jae laugh when his parents passed away, to borrow Shi Won’s parents for graduation  and to even have Shi Won poop for him for the poop examination envelope.. You get the drift.

So, when I was finalizing the idea for this fic, I was thinking the same thing.

10 years ago, which was the setting in the past, BoA supposedly gave Yunho a birthday coupon (I was thinking since they’re only starting out and merely kids, they’re not as ‘rich‘ like today). There were several coupons of course but to Yunho, there was one special entitlement BoA gave him. The “Yes, I Will” coupon where BoA will say “Yes” to whatever Yunho asks of her.

So, there ❤

(as always, my ramblings are so long and unsolicited)

– – –

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    • Haha! Yikes! And here I was thinking nobody was going to appreciate it! Haha! I’m so happy you did tho! Muwahahaha! I’m obsessed with drabbles but I’m so incapable doing a whole bunch of them… /dead

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