DKFC is coming!!!!

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Okay, for the rest of 2012, I’ve been so excited for the upcoming Dream K-pop Fantasy Concert in January 2013. Like as soon as I heard about the news that SNSD will join the event, I didn’t have to think twice in going!!!! I don’t care if I have to spend so much money for that nor the amount of time I would have to wait until the concert starts. It doesn’t even bother me that I’ll be going by myself.

I don’t care.

Nobody can’t stop me from seeing my SNSD BBs!!!


dream kpop fantasy concert

I’ll try to get a good position at the Gold section!!!

I know by heart, when the concert’s gonna be held but it was still a shock when I realized that the concert’s gonna be for next week already!!!! I didn’t realize how soon it’s coming!!!! Oh gawd, I guess I was so excited that proper reasons left my body. Aigoo! I have to thank my friend for reminding me yesterday. HAHA!

So later today, I’ll be going out with my brother to look for a place that offers shirt printing. *cough* If you must know, I also designed a simple SNSD graphics so I can print it on my shirt and wear it during the event. Ha! Judge me all you want IDC at this point!!!


I wish people will sell lightsticks, too coz I need one! Grrr!!!!

OMG!!!! This is really is it!!!!

This time, I can fangurl the right way!!!! What a shame that I didn’t get to cheer for them during SM TOWN concert in LA a few years back… This time, I am so gonna make up for it!!!


Kyah!!!! I am looking forward to it than my very own birthday. I don’t care!!!!

Bring it on!!!!

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