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It just hit him, like a sudden thunderbolt. Before he could straighten his thoughts, his heart already made a decision.

He loved her. He loved BoA.

Looking at her across the table, BoA just returned a quiet smile. They didn’t have to say anything to enjoy each other’s company.

‘We’ve been friends for a decade  but have you thought of ever taking it to the next stage?’

BoA smiled again, ‘Everyday..’

Yunho wasn’t surprised. Somehow deep down, he knew this would happen eventually.

He leaned for a kiss as BoA waited. She waited like she always did all these years..


– – –

Oh my fudge! I actually nailed it! wrote 102 words on my first try! Muwahahaha! I just had to tweak a minor thing to fit the 100 word mark for this latest drabble! *sniff*

Not bad!

I admit, I’ve been so into fanfics lately… It has been my other form of artistic drive. Seriously Lexie, how many hobbies are you trying to get into this year? HAHA! At least I was pretty productive. I was able to update Tumblr as always. Even got to check Facebook! And then I finished a few manga pages then watched a couple of episode of Gentleman’s Dignity. Woot! Lexie’s on the roll!

I have another fanfic I needed to finish, though. I’m stuck writing the last chapter! It’s just getting lamer every minute I spend writing it so I’m not dealing with it right now. HAHA! Oh well, towel. Hope you like this one :3

– – –

100 Themes Challenge Writing Prompts: Reflection

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