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‘Brother-in-law! Over here!’ The eldest of the Kwon brothers called out.

Yunho just got out from his car and was walking his way towards the Kwon’s residency. He waved his hand enthusiastically as he increased his pace towards the gate. The lively music was audible from the streets and he knew everybody was having a good time already.

‘I’m sorry I was late!’

Soonhwon just smiled and pat Yunho on the back. ‘That’s okay, come on, she’s been waiting.’

BoA never celebrated her birthday in a flashy event like she used to ever since she moved to Korea, after being away for so long. Her two previous comebacks where a success and Only One marked a new milestone for her. Currently, she’ll be busy recording for K-POP Star and everything’s just flowing really well for her career and personal growth.

‘Oh, finally! We’ve been waiting for you brother-in-law!’ Soonwook greeted giving Yunho a hug.

‘Oppa, stop calling him that!’ BoA grumbled as she emerged from the door. She looked pissed but her radiant beauty was still very evident.

She was wearing a light cardigan over her red dress. She had her wavy hair elegantly draping down her shoulder and her light pink cheeks gave her just about the right color on her face. She was just so lovely.

‘Aigoo… Our birthday girl is not in a very good mood..’ Soonwook teased pinching her cheeks. ‘You know this is your fault, right?’ He added looking at Yunho’s direction.

The young man just smiled nervously as he stole a look of a still furious little giant. ‘At least I’m here?’

Soonhwon and Soonwook nodded in understanding. ‘Oh well, you take care of this mess brother-in-law. Soonwook and I still have another bottle of wine to kill, so bye!’

‘I said to stop that! He’s not even your brother-in-law!’

The Kwon brothers weren’t listening at that point and just merrily exited the place to leave the two alone.

To be honest, BoA and Yunho weren’t even together. That was a known fact and neither dared to question it at all. Their friendship has already evolved into a stage that labels aren’t an issue anymore. As long as both of them are happy in each other’s company, then it’s all that really mattered.

Yunho sighed. ‘It’s okay BoA. It doesn’t matter to me.’ He didn’t have to explain but the compelling feeling to assure her that everything was fine needed to be said. Whatever they have now, he’s already thankful for it.

‘Yunho..’ She whispered in a small voice. She glanced his way, her feature serious. ‘You know that even without formality, you know that we’ll always be together right?’

He smiled thoughtfully and embraced her.

‘Aigoo.. Of course it doesn’t matter’ he buried his face on the crook of her neck and sighed. ‘But being called brother-in-law has it’s special ring and sometimes.. Sometimes I do wish that it becomes official, you know?’

BoA smiled. One thing he loved about her bestfriend was his honesty. From the time they’ve met until ten years later, he was the same boy. Pure and sincere.

‘Eventually, okay?’ She whispered.



– – –

I think… I have a new favorite YunBoA one shot!

HAHA! OMG, I seriously love how this whole thing happened! It was actually quite unintentional. The idea has been lingering in my mind but an actual plot didn’t hit me until early today when I was preparing for school. So random, LOL! This always happens. Like, I get to think of good enough plots when I’m commuting, walking, taking a shower, eating, at 3AM before I go to bed… HAHA! It’s been crey crey :3

But I like it ❤

Anyway, a little shoutout to Jo! She’s been helping me a lot and even agreed to be my beta reader! Gosh, you don’t even know what it means to me! HAHA! But thank you thank you!!!!

Well, I hope you like it!!! Hope another idea strikes so I can write something fluff again :3


image (c) lexie-chan || eyes2blues

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    • Aww, that’s actually really nice of you to drop by and leave such a heart warming message. I really appreciate it! I hope I can use this skill to write more professionally. Haha! A girl can dream :3

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