Pre-Birthday Rant and a Little TMI

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I can’t believe this.

So tomorrow is my birthday. And although I am looking forward for the concert on the 19th more than my special day, I still wouldn’t want a shitty birthday right? But God has a different plan for me, apparently.

Imagine, I would have to spend the whole day at school tomorrow! It’ll be from 8AM to 9PM. 

Is that even for real? It’s more that a day’s work for any ordinary working citizen!!! And I am not even a morning person! I live in the South y’all. It takes me an hour and half to go to school. Prolly longer than that coz it’s rush hour! So I would need to wake up at 5 in the morning or earlier! Arg! How can anybody bother me so early in the morning?! Tell me!!!


And as if that’s not even enough, I just have to get my period today.

That’s right, I got my period. Curse this womanhood!!!! Who even invented periods in the first place?! PREPOSTEROUS!

I don’t usually get cramps or act on it in a bad way but I think given the ugly circumstances, I’ll be very moody… And I am not very pleasant to deal with when I’m moody. I would have to say sorry in advance and I hope tomorrow won’t be as hectic? Just this week please!!! I need to enjoi the concert!!!

Endure Lexie, ENDURE!



And oh, I’m still having a hard time arranging for my transpo on the day of the concert coz brother chose to go clubbing instead to care for me! How dare he!!!! Ugh… I don’t even know where the concert place is at! Oh well, I’ll just immerse myself with the thought that I’ll be seeing my Soshi BBs again in a matter of two days instead of getting so pessimistic. I’ll make sure it’ll be a great experience! HAHA!

Okay, rant over ❤


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