BoA: Here I Am

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Today is BoA’s first Korean concert in her 12 year active years in the industry.

Oh gawd… I can’t even… This is just a very special time for the Queen and I can’t help but feel so happy about her!! And what’s so amazing, too was the fact that she will unveil a new Korean single later today!!! They would also release an mv on the 28th! This happened so suddenly that most fans are still at awe about the turn of events!! Such a wonderful, wonderful gift! And let’s not forget that she also have “Only One” Japanese single release next month with a brand new music video!!!


Gawd… Let me survive all these…

Anyway, her new single is entitled “Disturbance” and Taemin will star alongside her for the upcoming music video. Taemin all of a sudden became a noona killer!!!

How can he so suddenly turn so manly!!!???!!!?!?!??



I still can’t process the drastic changed that happened… And somehow, this couple is almost so shippable for me… HAHA! I’m not gonna argue Taemin’s new manly image though! If I’ll be completely honest, for a person who doesn’t like younger males, I actually find Taemin quite attractive ❤ When I saw SM TOWN 2010 in LA, I can’t help but linger my attention on him. HAHA!




I guess I’ll be spending majority of my time on Tumblr and Twitter, awaiting any news about BoA. Woot Woot!!! Lemme see some yellow ocean y’all!!! The Queen needs to the support from fellow Jumping BoA’s attending the event! I have a online friend attending and ugh! I’m just so jealous of her right now…

Oh well, towel!!! BoA jjang!





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