Summer Haze

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summer haze

‘BoA, I want to marry you.’

She choked on her drink as soon as that came out his mouth. ‘We’re not even together, Yunho..’

‘Then hurry up and make me your boyfriend! Then, I can marry you, okay?’

She lowered her glass of wine and held his gaze. The warm touch of summer idly kissed their skin and the yellow hue lit up her face. ‘Is that a question or a statement?’

Yunho thought for a while. Maybe he was being a little pushy. ‘A question..?’

BoA sighed. ‘Fine, then yes..’

‘Yes to what..?’

‘Yes to all of the above.’

– – –

Welp, that was super corny?

I wish I didn’t have to work on a drabble, but I was so stubborn, I couldn’t elaborate on this story a little bit more. I pretty much just wrote everything in a very straightforward manner. *sigh* Oh well, as long as the gist is still there, although without a detailed description, it should be fine. Hihihihi. Good thing my image poster turned out better than I have expected! Kudos to me!

Anyway, this is part of the 100 Themes Challenge Writing Prompts. Hopefully I get to write more in the future! Aj

image and story (c) eyes2blues || lexie-chan

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