Surprise Birthday Party

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Yesterday, we celebrated Mom’s birthday party.

It wasn’t an ordinary birthday thingy. It’s something we planned for months!!! For the first time, we held a surprise birthday party :3 It was our Mom’s 60th birthday so we wanted to make it extra special you know? So, we decided to have a catering service for her.

Since it’s a surprise birthday, we need to get her out of the house as early as possible! Catering service will be coming to set up at 8AM (it’s a lunch party and set up takes 4 hours)  so we had to get our Aunt’s help so we can drive Mom out of the house! LOL! Prior to that, we had to make our Mom feel so bad to get a greater effect on D-Day.

Originally, she planned to have all her sisters at home to have lunch. But I told her April and I won’t even be at home so she should just do it in the evening. I was so nonchalant about it, too so she must’ve felt so unloved. LOL. To kinda make up for that, my brother bought her special cake.

Anyway, came the day of the party! As I was saying, we drove her out of the house while we spent the next 4-5 hours finalizing stuff. We tried finding a place where we can print a tarpaulin (since projector failed us) but failed. It’s okay. Then we bought a cake, borrowed a tent and bought roses!!!

People started coming one after the other and soon, our house was packed! It was great that a lot of people actually came ❤

The party was supposed to be around 12 noon but my Mom, along with her sisters came at 1pm! So we were exchanging text messages with them and when they said they’re by the village, we organized all the people inside our garage and then got the bouquet of flowers we have for her.

As soon as she got out of the car, holding peanuts and guyabano, we started singing a happy birthday…

I kid you not, it was so moving that I was teary eyed! I saw my aunts and cousins and they were all so emotional as well.

Aww… I was glad that we were able to pull it off near perfectly. And I know that my Mom really appreciate the gesture. HAHA! Here’s for more years to come!!!

We love you Mom ❤


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