IGAB: Kim Taeyeon and Jung Jessica

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A few days ago, I’ve been in the mood to draw pictures and use my new pens. So I decided to draw a Taeyeon picture using her outfit from the previous Dream K-pop Fantasy Concert event. Everything was going well and I liked my draft on the first try. (Which is rare. I always end up revising my initial sketches)


I took a picture of the sketch just in case I needed to turn it into a digital art later. HAHA, so here, a reference :3

Anyway, I gathered all my materials and started inking it. So far so good until I smudged my masterpiece (?)!


Of course, of all the place to ruin, I ruined Taeyeon’s face! Oh gawd, I wanted to kill my hand that time. How was I supposed to remedy the picture now?! I was hoping I could hide it when I color it but Ugh… I was still expecting the worst. Anyway, to prevent this from happening anymore, I switched materials and used my Copic multiliners. In the end, I can only trust them and my Unipin pens..


*sniff* life doesn’t even want me to be happy with this drawing. I haven’t even drawn anything in forever until now but ugh!!! What a life ruiner :c The ugly drool was so horrendous imma dieeeeeeee!!!! But I didn’t want to waste my efforts and hello, I used my precious moleskine for this sketch so I persevered.



I think I tried several methods to remedy the ink bleed on Taeyeon’s face. I covered it up with white ink, I re-inked it, and I even added a new line underneath Taeyeon’s mouth so people would focus on that instead of the faint (but very visible) black smudge. I layered so many colors too in the hopes that it will lighten it… *sigh*

I won’t say it solved anything but at least it it wasn’t as obvious anymore.


And then the final product. HAHA!!! If I can say anything, I would like to state that moleskine isn’t the best type of paper when using Copic Markers. Copic Markers doesn’t glide smoothly on paper and unless my eyes were deceiving me, I would go as fas as saying that the paper started peeling when it becomes too wet (I couldn’t help it that time coz I was layering two to three colors at the same time to fix the smudge). And blending was a bit hard for me as well… Although I liked the accidental color mix, if I wasn’t careful or made a major mistake while I color, it would’ve been very detrimental. *sigh*

I’m just glad nothing bad followed afterwards.

Anyway, after finishing this drawing, I also started drawing two more pictures from I Got A Boy.


I was surprised with myself when I started drawing Taeyeon in this concept. To be honest, the first time I saw her concept pictures, I was perplexed by the choice of wig. Aside from the bowl cut, it was a weird blonde as well. I didn’t expect that in the long run, I would learn to adore it and OMG, Taeyeon looked absolutely cute with it!!! HAHA! Such unpredictable life..


And as if my muse can’t get enough, I drew another picture right after! And this time it’s Jessicat! Okay, I know I shouldn’t be saying this with my own mouth but I think I did a pretty good job on this one! Muwahahaha! We can’t ignore the mistakes in this picture but the general feel of it was so fulfilling so I’m not complaining. (and hey, drawing something using inking pens straightaway isn’t easy as one would have expected)


I’m hoping I get to draw the other girls in this concept. We’ll see how it goes.

Lexie-chan, fighting! Soshi, fighting!

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