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She stormed outside feeling so mad at him and herself. She fought so hard not to cry in front of him but as soon as she turned her back on Yunho, she knew that she couldn’t help herself anymore. Tears were already streaming down her cheeks.

She flung the door open and was greeted by a great downpour of rain. She felt even more miserable.

How did everything turn out like this? It should be perfect. She loved him and she thought he loved her, too.

But soon, that beautiful feeling became an obstacle in their personal lives. They barely see each other anymore and the constant effort to keep their relationship a secret has been exhausting the both of them. She’s been so worried about both of their careers and their future that it finally took a toll on her. Today, she tried to break up with him.

It took everything for her to say those heartbreaking words. She didn’t want to go as far as to cut their relationship but somehow, it seemed like the only plausible answer to end their sufferings. It would hurt. She expected as much as that.

But when Yunho agreed so quickly with her proposal, it shocked her so bad that everything they built together seemed like a joke to her right now. That everything she treasured all this time they were together was so conveniently shattered into pieces.

She cried silently by herself at the front door when a steady hand held her shoulder. She looked up and saw Yunho holding up an umbrella for her. His eyes were gentle and apologetic. It only took that to destroy any hard feelings she had for him earlier.

The hatred she felt was washed away, like fresh paint under the pouring rain. Because no matter what kind of trouble she might get herself into, that no matter how much she hurts him, Yunho will always be the first one to save her.


BoA took a step towards him, under his umbrella. They stood close together and amidst the silence consuming them, she knew she couldn’t really hate him anymore.

She realized that sometimes, love is strong enough to encompass each hardship that comes their way. That in the end, they can never really let go . . .


– – –

Once again, thanks to my good friend Jo for beta reading this fanfic! How she’s so patient and supportive with me, I wouldn’t know why but I’m grateful. HAHA!

Anyway, again this is part of my 100 Themes Challenge Writing Prompts. This was originally a drabble but then I got so pissed not being able to contain all my feels in 100 words so it ended up to be a really short one shot instead. Hihihi :3 Hope you like it!!! And oh, sorry for the lame poster as well. I have a different idea in mind how I’ll execute it but when I was working on it on Photoshop, everything just fell apart and it’s been so annoying. Ugh.

So yeah…

image and story (c) lexie-chan || eyes2blues

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