Vista Venice: Your Ultimate Weekend Getaway

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One weekend, my friends and I embarked on a journey.


It’s been a while when we’ve started talking about going out of town and spending  more time together outside of school, like any normal barkada trip. So when an opportunity came up, we grabbed it right away. And so, before we know it, we came to Bataan, all geared up for an amazing weekend getaway at Vista Venice!

From Manila, it takes about 3 hours to get to the resort. But since we were all excited and wanted to see a lot of things beforehand, we went to Pampanga and Subic while we were at it. However, even if we added a few hours of travel time to our trip, all our early fatigued disappeared as we stood before the gates of Vista Venice.


The place was huge and I was genuinely excited as we set foot on there. It was clean, relaxing and very homey. I love the fact that it was populated with trees and the weather was very good that day. We had our late lunch first before we were directed to our quarters. It wasn’t far away from the lounge so we walked our way there without difficulty.

Before this trip, I have already expected that most of us would have to share beds together. Maybe 2 or 3 people in one bed but what we saw totally blew us away. Apparently, Vista Venice offers a superior room accommodation that could house 6-8 people! So basically, we had our own bed all to ourselves. What makes everything more relaxing than this, right? To add, the room was really spacious and clean. There weren’t any wasted space. I love the fact that they even provide a television with cable channels. And the bathroom also had a heater! I was lovin’ everything I’m seeing.




As we settled all our stuff inside the room and chose our own bed, we went outside to explore the whole place. There were a lot of things to see, it was to the point of being a bit overwhelming (in a good way). I guess what you need is a plan how you will spend your day so there won’t be any wasted time.


There were a lot of things to see, as I’ve said, but the highlights would be the following:

  • Butterfly Garden – This attraction is actually very new. It’s been only a few months since they started this project but so far, it’s getting a lot of good responses. It’s not only very interesting and unique but it can also be another way for the resort owners to rake another means of revenue while providing an educational mix with it.



  • Pools and Jacuzzis – What is a vacation without having some water fun, right? Vista Venice was thoughtful enough to set up three types of pools all around the place and even included a karaoke place where people can belt out their favorite jukebox songs anytime. Or unless you’re a more laid back type of person, you can always opt for a relaxing jacuzzi experience. Whatever caters your interest, Vista Venice would sure to have it.



  • Indoor Games and Recreation – I was quite surprised by the amount of things you can do in one place. Vista Venice definitely didn’t hold back at impressing their visitors. This time, I would like to stress the fact that the resort isn’t only a place where adults are the only ones that could have fun. Even kids are sure t enjoy their stay over there. By just requesting at the front desk, you can ask for several board games children would love to play together. If not, the place also has a mini park where they can play with the slides, swings or seesaw. We are not kids anymore, obviously, but we found the park really enjoyable for us, too! For adults, they can hang out at the newly built bar, play the pool or some ping pong. There’s also the spa readily available for service. 

indoor games
recreation copy


  • Adventure Camp – I was quite ecstatic to know that one attractionVista Venice offers was their Adventure Camp Exposure. And it’s definitely a hit! Zip Lining, Wall Climbing, Rappelling, Obstacle Courses are sure to make your heart race with excitement! Everything in just one place! This is probably one of the best thing to experience when you go there. What a blast!



  • Beach and Water Sports – And as if that wasn’t enough, Vista Venice happens to be just 10 minutes away from the beach! They have two — La Salle and Westnuk. It’s another great experience for the visitors. Aside from enjoying the cool water and the great view, they can also try a few water sports. Westnuk, most especially, is very relaxing so make sure you visit them while you’re there.


water sports

Truly, Vista Venice instantly became one of my fave hot spot in the PI. I love the fact that I don’t have to look anywhere else to experience  the perfect weekend getaway. To have everything in one place seems to be the best deal you can ever have anywhere else, right? It was as if I had my own Catalina Island tour — PI version. That’s how awesome it is (in fact I think I enjoyed this trip more than the one I had in Catalina Island but that’s besides the point).

After spending my weekend at the resort, I could go around telling everybody now how awesome this place is. I would recommend you check it out yourself! Such a splendid place! You don’t even have to do anything or stress over stuff. The thing you just have to take care of would probably be the clothes to bring and how much fun you are bound to experience as you spend your time at there.



I honestly think I’m having withdrawals after my friends and I left but in the future, I’ll be sure to visit again.

And until then~

– – –

Resort Address: Sitio Marucdoc, Brgy. Nagbalayong, Morong Bataan

Manila Office: Room M07, Prince Jun Condominium, no. 42 Timog Ave. Quezone City

– – –

Vista Venice Offers:

  1. Daytour Package
  2. Overnight Package
  3. Event and Social Packages (Wedding, Debut, etc.)
  4. Retreat and Conventions
  5. Corporate Function
  6. Team Building and Workshop Activities
  7. Culinary Camp Tour
  8. Nature and Ecotourism Packages
  9. Historical and Cultural Bataan Tour Packages

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