Photo Update, or the Lack Thereof

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A couple of weeks ago, I asked my siblings to help me take pictures for my Web Stop project. For last week, we were asked to take pictures using an external flash. Since I didn’t want to hassle myself by borrowing materials from the school, I considered faking it. I was close to using a desk lamp as a substitute for it. Of course that’s not how it was supposed to be but I’m not exactly too enthusiastic about it either. HAHA!

I was just really lucky that somehow, my brother is complete with his materials and lo and behold, he actually owns an external flash!!! I didn’t have to lie — COMPLETELY!

Here’s the shot I submitted but the way:


And then I realized after this, how lacking I was when it comes to photographs. Unlike some people, I don’t take pictures everyday. In fact, I almost never take selcas. I don’t know. I just really, really ¬†feelawkward about it. For sure, I am not photogenic but the fact that I have to act cute and pretty is also something I cannot stomach.

Group pictures are fine though. I even encourage it sometimes. But I need to be in an incredibly good mood for that. HAHA! Gawd I hate that I’m so finicky! It’s totally unattractive!

Oh well towel… I’ll try to improve myself from now on. Anyway, it seems like I can at least take new pictures (group pictures) every Friday coz of photography class so I’m good. I wouldn’t want to look back and regret the fact how limited my pictures are growing up. I mean, I already have problems with that.




2 Responses to “Photo Update, or the Lack Thereof”

  1. You should take more photos! your are really beautiful!

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