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Yunho, Changmin and BoA were chosen as MISSHA’s newest representatives for their brand.

For the first time, they are all working together for an endorsement. It was fun having this kind of project, it doesn’t seem like work for the most part.

‘Thank you for your hard work!’ The photographer announced as he finished the few shots needed for the advertisement. Yunho, Changmin and BoA said their thanks to every staff member of the shoot before calling it a wrap.

It was around 6:30pm and all of BoA’s schedule were cleared for the day.

‘What are you two doing tonight?’

‘I’m meeting Victoria for dinner together with the other boys later,’ Changmin answered as he fixed his hair.

BoA looked at Yunho expectedly. ‘Are you joining them?’

‘Nah. I’m free after this,’ he shrugged. He’s good friends with Victoria but being with the rest of the boys wasn’t very interesting for him at the moment. Just thinking about how chaotic it will be seemed so unappealing already. He wondered how Victoria can even stand it. But then again, if you’re with someone that you like, everything can be bearable.

‘Perfect! Why don’t you just join me for a few drinks back at home? You won’t be able to celebrate with me on my birthday anyway,’ BoA suggested, distracting his thoughts.

Unfortunately, Yunho would be busy for a few photoshoots on the 5th. An early birthday party would be the perfect way for him to celebrate his bestfriend’s special day instead. Doesn’t matter if it’s unplanned, as long as he can be together with her.

‘Why not?’

BoA beamed at him. In no time, the two left together, leaving Changmin to ride with their manager. It didn’t take long before they reached BoA’s place. It was really chilly outside so the two dashed inside the warm confines of her house.

Yunho sat on his favorite couch at the living room while BoA was busy getting some soju from the pantry.

‘Do you need help?’ Yunho called out, extending his neck, trying to see what she was up to.

‘No, I’m fine. You go ahead and make yourself comfortable.’

Yunho did just that. He turned on the TV and watched the news channel. In a moment, BoA entered the living room with a tray full of munchies to accompany two bottles of soju.

‘Ready to have some fun?’ BoA asked cheerfully, obviously in a good mood. Yunho nodded enthusiastically, grabbing a bag of chips from the tray.

‘Assa! This is going straight into my tummy!’

‘Yah! That’s mine! I’ve been saving that for myself!’ BoA yelped trying to grab it from Yunho’s hand. But she’s too short to put up a fight. Enraged, she stood very still, looking at Yunho darkly with her arms crossed.

‘Okay, okay my little giant. I was just teasing you… Here, you have it.’ He extended his arm and BoA happily grabbed her favorite chips from his hand. ‘Why don’t we just start drinking, shall we?’ BoA nodded eagerly smiling from ear to ear.

After about three shots, BoA was starting to feel the rise of her body temperature. By the time, Yunho, already took off his jacket and was wearing his plain long sleeves.

‘Hey Yundol, lemme go inside first and change clothes, okay? I feel a little stuffy now.’

‘Yeah that’s fine.’

BoA stood up from her seat and scurried away towards her room while Yunho turned his attention towards the TV. Now he’s watching some funny variety shows. A few moments passed by, BoA’s phone started ringing.

‘BoA! You’re phone is ringing!’ He called out, his attention still glued on the TV show.

No answer.

‘BoA! Phone!’

Still no answer. Sighing, he got up from his seat and fished for her phone inside her purse that was lying on the kitchen table. It was still ringing so he figured it might be an important call. He walked towards her room and knocked a few times.

‘Hey BoA, you have a call. Here, I have your phone so get out already.’

‘Oh yeah? I forgot that I was supposed to call Yeonhee earlier,’ she mumbled as if talking to herself. ‘Just come in and toss my phone on my bed,’ she instructed.

Yunho did as he was told. ‘You’ve got three missed calls and–‘ he stopped midway through his explanation when he saw BoA only wearing a bottom pajama while two robes dangle on her arms. He turned around, completely flustered about the scene he just witnessed. ‘What the hell BoA! Why did you let me inside your room when you’re not even done changing?!’

‘So what? You don’t have to act so surprised. It’s just me, relax.’

‘I should not be acting…You… Relax… What?!’ Yunho muttered doing a lot of grandiose hand movements, with his back still turned away from her. ‘Of course I’m freaking out! In case you forgot, I’m still a guy BboA…’

‘Pft! No, you’re not. You’re Yunho,’ she jeered as she continued choosing what to wear between two robes on her arm, practically oblivious that she’s only wearing her undergarments for her upper body. Seeming unsatisfied with the clothes on her hands, she threw it on her bed and started looking for a more comfy shirt inside her dresser.

She was so busy with her own little world that she failed to notice Yunho’s looming presence before her. He grabbed her hand roughly causing her to drop the clothes she was holding, as he whirled her against the wall.

‘I don’t think you realize how dangerous those words you just said…’ He hissed as he tightened his grip on both of her hands.

BoA laughed nervously, her heartbeat starting to race at the sudden… intimacy… for a lack of better term to describe it.

‘Y-you should know that I was just kidding…’ She croaked, unable to look at her bestfriend’s intense stare. She was only realizing now the error of her statement. Truth be told, she wasn’t this bold around him. Of course she realized she’s half naked around the presence of a man but it’s  Yunho — her bestfriend. How can she not feel comfortable around him given any situation?

Or was it just the alcohol giving me all these stupid assumptions? She wondered.

‘You should’ve been careful…’ He whispered. ‘You should have not trusted me too much…’ He whispered again, now directly to her ear so she could hear nothing but his voice. His hot breath, intoxicated with alcohol, against her sensitive skin made her jerk away but Yunho’s grip was too strong.

‘I… I was wrong… So just let me go… Please?’ She begged, having another attempt to push him away. ‘Please..?’

Yunho didn’t budge nor had the desire to listen.

‘Didn’t you know that I was so very careful not to cross those boundaries? How hard I tried not to cross the line?’ He began, thwarting BoA’s pleads. ‘The struggle I had to endure so I won’t hurt this friendship… Our friendship… Do you realize any of it?’

BoA gulped, cursing herself mentally for being so nonchalant about everything. How can she be so blind as to not see this coming. The two of them, together in this dangerous situation…

Or maybe she did see this coming, but she didn’t have an inkling it would happen today. Right now. She’s just not prepared for any of it. It still felt too sudden…

Too risky.

And as she was too distracted with her own thoughts, Yunho took that opportunity to press his lips on her.

Surprise was her initial reaction but… She found herself responding to his gentle kisses afterwards. Somehow, she’s so drawn to him… That sweet temptation as their lips slid together, completely erasing the boundaries they set for themselves… It felt like magic and neither seemed to want to stop

However, reality had to ruin everything when her phone started going off on blast. Startled, she pushed Yunho off of her, her face bright red.

BoA glared at him as she attempted to cover herself with her small arms, completely flustered and overly conscious of his presence.

‘Don’t look at me like that. You’re the one who pushed me to cross the line.’ Yunho looked at her defiantly. Waiting for her counterattack but she has none. Leaning over, he added, ‘And you know very well that there’s nothing else for you to do but to cross it together with me, right?’

Without another word, Yunho left, but not after stirring BoA’s feelings. As soon as BoA kissed him back, he knew that something in her already wavered. The awareness he left her won’t be erased and will be forever part of this memory. That’s the only thing he needed as to not regret this momentary recklessness.

BoA fell on her knees, still in utter shock when reality came crashing in without warning.

Her hands trembled but her heart was surprisingly calm. A smile was already forming at the corners of her mouth as she closed her eyes, remembering Yunho’s lips against hers.

‘Then I guess, there’s no more turning back…’


– – –

Well, I decided to include a bit of ChangToria moment coz you know, it’s a hot topic right now and I am slowly gearing towards that pairing. Since KhunToria’s pretty much dead now… I mean, isn’t it already a known fact that Tiffany and Nickhun are already dating? And now Changmin and Victoria.


Oh well towel. I realize I am not fit to write chaptered fics so instead, I am writing a lot of one shots as part of my 100 Themes Challenge Writing Prompts. I hope to finish this! HAHA! We will see!

image and story (c) lexie-chan || eyes2blues

4 Responses to “Boundaries”

    lovely writing as usual, lexie-sshi! I really like how BoA’s like so nonchalant and all like wowza gurl your rawk (and I can’t help but think she might be like this in real life as well since she’s always so…strong and bold on the outside) XD another job well done! ^^

    • I think the one who’s delusional is me… Haha!!! I think BoA might have acted like this one way or the other. You know how when you’re in your comfort zone, you just kinda let go? Haha! Oh well, towel. Thanks Kim for reading!

  2. I seriously wish that there will be a continuation for this, either a sequel of what would come out of this crossing of boundaries or something in BoA’s POV? frankly I just want to read another story :))

    • Yay!!! Thank you for your kind comment!!! Actually, it’s not my style to do sequels but I’m definitely gonna write another story so don’t worry! I hope you’ll read it again when I finally come up with something :3

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