Unexpected SNSD

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A few days ago, after my morning class, my classmates and I decided to eat good food (translation: food besides the ones from the cafeteria). There were several places to go to so to make it fair (and simpler) for everyone, we had a draw where we would have our lunch for that day. You know how people always can’t decide where they wanna eat sometimes…

In the end, we opted for some cheap Korean food at the University Mall.

The place is new and for most of us (even our teacher), it was our first time to try out their food.

Well, I guess you can say that you get what you pay for. It wasn’t exactly bad but I won’t consider going there again in a long time.

But that’s not the point of the story. (Lol, useless long ass introduction, yeah?)


So, since our class wouldn’t be commencing until 3.45hrs later, we have quite a lot of time to spare. Instead of going back, we decided to lounge around the restaurant for a little bit and talk to each other more.

It was fun and we shared quite a lot of laughs, too! We prolly stayed there for over an hour just talking.

And then out of the blue, I heard the intro music for ‘Into The New World‘. I was a bit unsure so I asked my other K-pop friend if she recognized the instrumental I was hearing (I needed to make sure I’m not being crazy again). She’s not a fan of SNSD so she wasn’t too sure. And then at that exact time, my gaze drifted to the monitor screen and…


Freakin restaurant decided to show Girls’ Generation 1st Asia Tour: Into the New World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!123′


And yesh, I recognized them right away! If you’re a SONE, I guess you’ll recognize them even in the dark. HAHA!

I supah fucking love instances like this. When something unexpected happens that could automatically brighten your day in several degrees!

Best feeling ever!

Of course I was spazzing like a fucktard but I don’t care! I was too happy to be bothered and just… OMFG! I think I just wanted to stay there and enjoy the whole show!


But as if that’s even possible coz yeah, I have two other classes to attend to until 9pm.


But man, the amount of feels that went crashing in when I was least expecting it was soooo awesome!!! My friends saw me spazz like a real fangurl that I am, first hand.



My Soshi BBs are invading the whole world and I’m just sitting here, watching them like a proud momma ❤

SNSD jjang!

I’m so excited I don’t even have a proper train of thoughts. Oh well. When you’re a fan, spazzing is enough to understand each other. Haha!!!

And as an added bonus, I’m attaching an IDEK VCR vid from SNSD’s second Japan World Tour. OMG, I’ve lost it watching this. HAHA!

I’m so fucking done -_____-;

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