Goodbye Brother

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Usually, I would spend March 5, of every year, celebrating Yuu Watase’s birthday. I never miss a year. Most of the time, I even hold a free sketch event on my Watase fanclub.

However, I didn’t expect that today would be rather emotional for me and the whole family. This year on March 5, my brother will be leaving the country to migrate in the US :c


I don’t know why but I was actually stressing over this eventful day for the past few weeks already. I am incredibly worried about him for the most part. The hardship he’ll be facing once he’s there. The harshness of the real world. How reality would be crashing in and tell him everything in America isn’t even close to what you would call a fairytale…

I know, I know I’m pretty much exaggerating everything but my brother is my baby brother! Of course in some degree, I’ll be seriously affected by his absence.

Heck, I was even bawling like fucking idiot at the airport when he left. Gawd I was so pathetic…


But I guess that’s just how it is. The pain of being left behind…

Not gonna lie, that’s probably the most painful thing ever.


Well, I won’t be seeing him in a very long time and I seriously miss him already. I feel like crying again to be honest. But what’s the use of that? Nothing. So instead of brooding over this, I’ll just wish him the best.

Go baby brother~

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