Art Sesh with the BEST

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Aside from Taeyeon’s 24th birthday


image (c) owner

Yesterday, I met up with my good friends at Megamall. I don’t know what’s up yesterday but I had such a terrible time commuting! I think I spent an additional one hour just to get there! I was so sweaty and ugly and icky and ugh! The worst part was that I made P-chan wait for me for so long :c

ANYWAY, at least that phase was over coz for the rest of the day, everything went well for me and everybody else :3

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a hands on tutorial from Pch when it comes to using colored pencils as planned but he taught me about several other drawing techniques like thumbnailing artworks instead of just winging it. It has always been my problem, me adjusting to the paper instead of the paper adjusting to me. Hard to explain but I got Pch’s point when it comes to that.

Oh, I met him at Bubble Tea (as usual) and I had the awesome privilege to browse through his new drawings coz you know, I’m a legit friend who is entitled to that ❤


^ Pch was working on this particular picture when I arrived. OMG, so beast!


^ I didn’t realize how much the quality of this picture sucks on my phone! It seriously killed the awesomeness of this Basil artwork. And to be honest, if you think this is already fantabulous, you should see it in person.


^ And how can I move on with my life without taking a snapshot of Pepper, right? HAHA! She’s like one of my fave P-chan character ever! Woot!

I couldn’t help but marvel at all his work but later on, the two of us needed to move upstairs and settle at Coffee Bean. I think this is my first or second time going to this place here in the Philippines, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I loved my Cherry Blossom tea! And the aroma of it was so soothing to the body. Gonna have it again next time!

So, since I brought my art materials with me, I told P-chan that he could use them. He asked me who I want him to draw and without batting an eyelash, I said PEPPER!


I don’t know how he does it but before I know it, he finished the lineart and proceeded coloring it.

Soon enough, Ate Sao arrived as well! Yey!!!!




Freakin Ate Sao came in looking so fantabulous as if she’s gonna slay the peasant that I was that time. HAHA! But dang, so pretty pretty with her made up face and amazing wardrobe that day! Wow!

I was so glad Ate Sao brought a lot of her sketchbooks so I got inspired.


^ This was one of my most favorite picture from her sketchpad. Ugh!!!! I love it to death! Help me!

So, basically, the whole day was spent with (them) us drawing. We didn’t even notice how time passed by so quickly. I’m not even sure how long we stayed there but it don’t matter :3

Anyway, Ate Sao tried using Copics so as a privileged friend, I got a rare drawing from her! Woot!!! I love you forever!!!!


Grabbed this from Ate Sao! HAHA!

^ This is a pinup picture of Adi as per request. My ghad, for her first time, how did she manage to make her coloring look so perfect? I mean, this is why everybody say life is unfair… Huhuhuhu :c

LOL, drama.

At the time, P-chan also fnished his Pepper drawing and ta-dah!!!!



Seriously… this betch need to calm the fuck down. Why are you so amzing P-chan! I don’t even… I can’t even… And if you think this is awesome, wait til you see it in person. Afterall, these are just pictures shot from my crappy camera :c

Gosh. Soon enough, I’ll be just as awesome! Te-hee!

And of course the day wouldn’t be complete without a little camwhoring so yeah~

IMG_3869 IMG_3870 IMG_3871 IMG_3872 IMG_3873

I miss these guys already! They are seriously the best, I’m not even kidding… HAHA! But Ate Sao, Y U ruin the pic with a pretty face? Grr! HAHA!

IMG_3874 IMG_3876 IMG_3877

Oh well, looking forward to another Art Sesh soon. I always love Art Sesh moments! I’ll be sure to gather more drawing knowledge from them next time. Aja aja!!!!

Thanks again for the most amazing time bitches :3

6 Responses to “Art Sesh with the BEST”

    Nice seeing again, Lexie! And I hope we have lots of more art sessions to comeee~~~ Sorry I was late sa pagpapaanak at pagsisibak (lol joke. resting moment kasi? lols)
    Ugh also I’m loving Pch’s copic work!!! So worth it and so mabentaaaaaa~~~

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