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Her eyes were closed, with her body completely relaxed after drinking a few shots of soju earlier. The couch felt so comfortable that she didn’t seem to want to leave it. She was even humming a random tune, the only sound that resonated at the four corners of the room.

There was a subtle shift of weight at her side and all of a sudden, she wasn’t sitting by herself anymore. She didn’t have to open her eyes to know who it was nor did she have any compulsion to push him away when he laid his head on her lap so suddenly.

‘This is okay, but I would have to charge you for this service later,’ BoA mumbled with a slight smile.

‘I’m broke. Can’t you be a little more generous and let me stay like this just for a while longer? Please?’

There was only silence that followed. Of course she wouldn’t say no. She couldn’t say no.

Yunho knew that much.

They fell into a comfortable stillness and soon, their even breathing interlaced together. Everything was calm and peaceful. BoA lifted her hand and placed it on Yunho’s cheek. She watched his beautiful face as he smiled at the slightest of her touch.

Whether it’s the alcohol or anything in between, she felt something in her was burning.

‘I need to go…’ She whispered as she played with his hair.

‘You don’t have to, you know?’

BoA chuckled. ‘Silly. The others already left as soon as the hockey game was over. I think it’s time for me to go, too. I’m sober enough to drive home anyway.’

Yunho opened his eyes so he could meet hers. BoA knew that if she looked at him any longer, she wouldn’t be able to hold herself anymore and the burning feeling would get more agonizing for her to bear.

She turned her head and occupied herself watching the ticking of the clock. She didn’t have to look at him sit upright to know that he was staring her way intensely. She’s so aware of his presence that it was starting to suffocate her.


‘Party’s been over. I feel sober and I don’t think you still need me here to clean up the boys’ mess,’ she explained, cutting his speech altogether.


BoA turned her head to look at him. She felt torn but she expected herself to do the right thing. She should maintain a firm grip of herself if she wanted to keep a beautiful friendship from being tarnished by some selfish desires.

BoA forced a smile and tried hard to look convincing at the same time. ‘I have to go.’ Her voice sounded so exasperated to the point it almost betrayed her.

She has always turned around and avoided walking on a thread of uncertainties whenever she came face to face with it.

Always choosing to trod the safe side, never risking anything.

BoA stood up reluctantly, on her way for the door but Yunho caught her hand, unwilling to let her go. He stood up and wrapped his arms around her waist. She meant to push him away but her body felt so weak against his touch.


BoA closed her eyes and bit her lip, struggling with her feelings some more. ‘You know I can’t stay,’ she breathed, her voice shaking. ‘If I stayed…’

‘Shhh… Not the same excuse again.’

BoA paused, unable to complete her thoughts. Yunho raised her arms and held BoA’s shoulders so he could turn her gently to face him.

‘Don’t you think we’re old enough to communicate with each other a little more honestly by now?’

BoA furrowed her brows in puzzlement. A lot of things have crossed her mind but she didn’t want to be a slave to these crazy thoughts. Mustering enough courage to ask him, she finally lifted her head to face him. ‘What exactly do you mean by that?’

‘I love you BoA,’ he simply said, his eyes not leaving hers. Watching how she would react to his honest feelings.

The shock it brought her reflected in her eyes. It was the first time he ever said those words. She lost her balance but Yunho caught her with a swift arm gliding her back as support. He pulled her close to him and enveloped her in a tight embrace.

‘I need to go,’ she repeated, a little imperatively this time as she tried to break away from Yunho. Unfortunately, he was too strong and determined not to break away from her.

She sighed.

She didn’t put much of a fight either. If she’ll be completely honest with herself, she didn’t hate this moment but in her mind, she saw herself standing on a cliff, with a broken bridge in front of her.

Right across was paradise. Flowers blooming, butterflies fluttering around… The warm sunlight illuminating the whole land while she stood on a barren land by herself. All she has to do was cross the bridge and finally breathe the fragrance of happiness.

But would she even reach it if she tried?

What if she gets caught from the ragged woods while attempting to cross it? Or worse, fall off the bridge with a misstep? Would it still be worth it? Would she still be willing to move forward not knowing if it’ll break her in the end?

‘BoA,’ she heard him say. She stood still, waiting. That’s all she could ever do, really. She couldn’t face him, afraid to see the truth in his eyes. Or worst, she would only lose all her confidence and give in to her feelings.

‘BoA, I love you,’ he murmured softly but the certainty in his voice wasn’t amiss. ‘Do you love me, too?’

‘Yunho… You know we can’t…’ She reasoned out, almost choking on her words, purposely not answering his question. It wasn’t what she wanted but it was the right thing to say.

‘But still you love me,’ he insisted.

BoA groaned. She cannot be having this discussion with him right now. ‘It won’t work out. Don’t you know how much it’s gonna damage our career? Our friendship?’

‘I do, and I don’t care about any of that when all I ever wanted was to be with you.’

BoA looked at him thoughtfully. They’ve tiptoed on this subject a few times before but neither were strong enough to completely cross the line.

Except for that one time.

‘Then why did you kiss me back then?’

BoA’s eyes glistened. She was afraid he was going to use this on her. That distant memory from an eventful night after their company’s Christmas party a few years back…



BoA got a little too drunk and was unsafe for driving. Yunho found her by herself on the couch so he decided to keep her company. Like a real gentleman that he was, he let her head rest on his shoulder comfortably as he held her hand.

Yeonhee left earlier and the others were already leaving the venue one by one to have spotted her at the time. Yunho watched everyone exit the door with their other friends, who were unmindful of the two still seated  at the far side of the hall.

‘Oppa! You were here?’ Sunny blurted out when she noticed her seniors on her way out unexpectedly.

‘Yeah, taking care of this kid apparently.’

Sunny smiled, aware of Yunho’s kindness towards his bestfriend. A gesture he doesn’t really show anybody else but her.

Actually, she thought more than a casual kindness from him when it comes to BoA. But she was in no position to say anything so instead, she shifted her question to something else.

‘Is she going to be alright?’

‘She will. Don’t worry, I’m here anyway.’ His smile was different, Sunny noticed. It was gentle but melancholic.

She knew exactly where this conflicting feeling was coming from. As an artist scrutinized by the very people who loves them, it’s not like he can easily break away from his social responsibility and do what he wanted. Sometimes, he needed to mask everything and lie to the public as he lie to himself as well.

Sunny just nodded her head in understanding and without another word, left with the other girls to give them an alone time by themselves. Soon, the place was deserted. The two were still seated at the end of the hallway, behind the wall now scarcely illuminated by the light.

Yunho was humming one of BoA’s song as he waited for her to sober up.

‘Thanks for not leaving me,’ BoA whispered, genuinely thankful for her bestfriend. When Yunho didn’t answer for a long time, she finally opened her eyes to look at him.

The two fell silent, just staring at each others eyes. Everything didn’t matter at that point. Whether it was the remnants of snow outside, the distracting smell of alcohol in the air nor the line of friendship threatening to encompass some boundaries. It didn’t matter because the two were already trapped by the moment and neither couldn’t stop their feelings from showing anymore.

And then, Yunho lifted his hand to touch BoA’s cheek. She felt his warm touch against her skin. It felt nice, she thought. If this moment could last forever, she wouldn’t mind.

‘BoA…’ He called out ever so softly.

He didn’t say anything afterwards but instead, she saw him lean closer for a kiss. For what reason, she wouldn’t dare and ask. The point was, he did not stop and she closed her eyes, not avoiding the moment either.

Both their lips touched and their body, already burning with longing for each other, craved for more. The kisses became more intense — passionate.

It was sweet.

It was beautiful.

It was wrong.



‘Yes, I did kiss you back then and it’s something I still regret up to this day.’

‘Lies,’ he scoffed in disbelief, and BoA should really be ashamed of her outright lies in front of him.

She was about to say something in defense but she only choked on her words.

‘The only regret we should be having right now was pretending none of it ever happened when we know deep down what was truly real.’ Yunho clenched his fists, his breathing was harsh. He looked like he was going to cry and it hurt BoA to see that. ‘I know we were young then, at the peak of our career and neither of us really wanted to let go of that glory,’ he continued. His voice was strained and he felt tired battling with these thoughts for so long. ‘But you know what, once in a while, there are really some things that will come our way that’s more important than fame.’

BoA watched him, taking in each word that escaped his lips blow by blow. His honest feelings shattered the barrier she surrounded herself with. The burning feeling was still there but now, it was more of a comfort than a burden she wanted to wash away.

‘For me it’s you. You are more important to me than anything else in this lifetime.’

The two were quiet, measuring the gravity of each word said.  His most sincere thoughts touched her heart that she started crying. She wanted to just leave everything behind and be with with him. To forget everything and find happiness with Yunho.

For she wanted him. She loved him.

Yunho sighed and wiped away her tears. Her shoulders trembled, unable to control the magnitude of her emotion that was drastically crashing in.

He didn’t just speak for himself. He also conveyed those feelings she couldn’t bring herself to say out loud. She felt horrible and ashamed and the tears just kept on rolling down her cheeks uncontrollably.

‘Fame comes and goes. You know that from the very beginning when you entered this business,’ he began, cupping her cheeks. ‘But when you finally find that special someone, you don’t just let go of them.’ He kissed her forehead and wiped her tears. Her sobs were audible. ‘Aww… BboA don’t cry. I didn’t mean to make you cry and I’m sorry for putting you in such a difficult situation, too, but–‘

BoA shook her head defiantly and glanced his way with a genuine smile of happiness gracing her face. BoA understood completely and nothing else was needed for him to explain further. She tiptoed and met his lips with hers hoping that it would be enough to express what she truly feels inside.

He was entranced by the moment. Just like how he remembered it, her lips tasted like honey. Her soft lips glided against his and Yunho couldn’t help but return the kisses as well.

A little more forceful.

A little more intense.

The first time it happened, it was absolutely just a spur of the moment thing, and nothing like how it is right now. Back then, he was so lost in her eyes that he couldn’t think coherently. He just let his feelings control his action instead of using reasons. What he remembered was that he felt so drawn to her and without him realizing it, he leaned closer only to be invited further when she closed her eyes in acceptance. Before he knows it, their lips already touched.

They shared that moment with sweet kisses and he thought, that was enough.



Yunho slid his hands at the small of her back. He pulled her intimately, her body now pressed so close to him. Their heated body blended together in an unexplainable sensation, her curves burning his skin with an unbearable pleasure.

His hand travelled along her back as he started grazing her chin. Soon enough, Yunho started leaving sweet marks along her neckline.

A chill ran down her spine. What was happening right now was beyond a casual moment between two people. She gasped but before she could spill her thoughts about the matter, Yunho kissed her lips again. This time, he was more daring and he tried to taste her mouth. Yunho knew BoA must’ve felt confused and afraid but he commended her for being brave to accept him.

They shared an even deeper kiss and BoA felt her legs weakening. Sensing this, Yunho directed her slowly onto the couch, as he nibbled the lobe of her ear. BoA was already so at lost with the moment to even recall how Yunho ended up on top of her caressing her brown locks as he continued to leave kisses all around her exposed skin.

Soon, Yunho directed his attention around her collarbone. He started gliding his lips towards it. His tongue teasing in between kissing her. It was the first time something so intense have happened to her and as much as she tried to control herself, a soft moan escaped her lips.

BoA covered her mouth, completely flustered. She buried her face  in between her palms as if that would help hide her as well.

Yunho stifled a laugh as he sat properly upright. He reached for BoA, and caressed her cheeks.

‘I’m so embarrassed that I feel like dying!’

Yunho sighed and scooped BoA’s small frame from the couch. She rested her head on his chest as he hugged her tight. His smile stretched from ear to ear as he cooed in an attempt to comfort her.

‘I’m sorry BoA… I didn’t mean for everything to escalate this quickly,’ Yunho apologized stroking the back of her head. BoA squirmed under him, still overwhelmed by embarrassment. ‘We’ll take it slow, I promise.’ She peered through his eyes, her cheeks still flushed. Her eyes round, expecting for more comforting words but there was none. His heart ached watching her innocence pour on him. ‘I’m not sure if you know this but it’s a crime to look that adorable,’ he muttered at the same time squeezing her tighter before he ends up kissing her again.

‘Yunho… I… can’t… breathe…’ she complained trying her best to push him away but as if Yunho would make her win in this battle of affection.

When BoA finally stopped putting up a fight and decided to cave in to her feelings, the young man sighed as he reluctantly let go of her. It surprised BoA and now, she didn’t know what she was supposed to do. She sat awkwardly beside him, her hands on her lap. Many thoughts have crossed her mind in that instance. She thought about the future. She thought about spending her time together with him. She imagined Yeonhee’s reaction when she tells her about the two of them. Also about her brothers’ reaction when she introduces Yunho as her boyfriend and not as her bestfriend as she did before for so many years.


BoA stole an abrupt look at the man beside him. Yunho was already looking at her however. Without another word from her, Yunho nodded in understanding. Perhaps their friendship had evolved so much that they can basically read each other’s mind.

‘I’ve never imagined myself spending my life with anybody else but you,’ he whispered. BoA returned a smile, stroking his cheek. He bent his head and heaved a sigh once again. He anchored his arm against the couch and pushed himself up. ‘Come on, I’ll drive you home.’ His tall physique before her casted a shadow that hid half of her face.

BoA watched his back silently for a long minute. He turned his head and waited for her patiently to stand up and follow him outside. Instead, his focus shifted as she grabbed his hand quite unexpectedly, never letting go. Her eyes fell on their intwined hands in an ardent stare. He felt how her hand trembled as she sat very still on the same spot. She seemed to be in a very deep thought but this time, he couldn’t guess what was bothering her nor the things that was going around her mind.

While Yunho was having his own musings, he felt a sudden tug and it was BoA trying to pull him close. He looked at her quizically, pondering whether he should ask her what was wrong so suddenly. Before he could decide, BoA lifted her gaze to look at him. He held his breath and waited upon her.








‘I’m staying…’



– – –

Okay, let me explain. I was unconscious for several days and without knowing, an entity took over my body and wrote this fic while I wasn’t looking.


I know it isn’t a story you can entirely call a smut but well, there are still some implications so yeah… I’m still so embarrassed after writing it but…….. The prompt, tho! I gotta follow it! I wouldn’t want to write something horrific and morbid so I used the prompt into something that ended up being like this. Please do not disown meeeeehhh!!!! *A*

And oh, sorry about all the redundant words and grammatical errors and stuff. I write stories for fun, not to be critical~<3

image and story (c) lexie-chan || eyes2blues

– – –

100 Themes Challenge Writing Prompts: Burning

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  1. Wow this was so nice! I loved it! And the end was awesome!! 🙂

    • Aigoo~

      You are too kind! Thank you so much for reading this humble fic. I really appreciate it!!! I hope you read my other works again. Te-hee~

      YunBoA fighting!

    I especially love this three sentences;

    It was sweet.

    It was beautiful.

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    sorry for the capslock, i can’t contain my excitement. now if only this is real.

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