I Dreamed of Cockroaches

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If you know me, you’ll have to know that cockroaches are about the most hateful thing for me. I hate them to death that I wish they can get eradicated completely from the face of the Earth. If there’s an ongoing studies how to do that, I will donate my money to see that in fruition without batting an eyelash!


So when I dreamed about cockroaches last night, of course I wouldn’t forget about it. Okay, I forgot what I was dreaming about except for the fact that it had cockroaches in them. You see, I don’t usually have dreams or if I did, I’ll forget it momentarily.

So just a while ago, I checked out if my dream had any secret meaning behind it. And this is what I read from gotohoroscope:

General Dream Meaning: Cockroach 

When you dream of cockroaches, it usually means there is something very unpleasant that you would rather not think about. In most cases, the issue in question has to do with your inner landscape, or other aspects of your personality. You may also interpret cockroach dreams to signify various situations that you are involved in, as well as people that are in your life. Typically, paying close attention to these instances, as well was what becomes of them can give you some good indicators of what the dream means.



I’m so sorry to be reverting back to this topic, but as it has been since last week, I’ve been bothered by the not so successful date I had with Aries. Just when I thought I can finally invest my time on someone, that someone would end up not liking me in return. In fact, his messages on OKC has been shorter and shorter. It’s basically him answering my question now. And you know what that means when it happens.

He’s just not that into you.


Oh how it sucks so much!!!!!!!!! HAHA!



That’s why instead, I’ll just prepare myself to be forever alone in this lifetime and not deal with these. Aja!

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