The TaeNy Issue

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If you ship Taeyeon and Tiffany in a romantic way, I suggest that you STOP reading beyond this. Thank you so much.

Remember, if you get butthurt or whatever from reading pass this point, then it’s your own fault for not taking this warning a little more seriously *wink*


To be quite honest, I’ve been meaning to talk about this issue for a while now. Being in this SNSD fandom showed me a lot of different stuff about being a SONE. Some I can totally relate to and some that really just surprises me. Among the few that makes me uncomfortable is the blatant claim, of said fandom, that Taeyeon is gay. Not just that, apparently, Taeyeon and Tiffany are real life couples.


I assure you that I am in no way homophobic and that there’s nothing wrong if they are together or not but the thing is, some people already label them even without proper confirmation.

Okay, it’s not as if these people can really say that themselves, right? Not in a conservative country like Korea who looks down on this kind of relationship but so far, the only reason behind SONEs saying this kind of things is because of the skinship these two people display. And that TaeNy are always together, going to amusement park by themselves, taking pictures together, always with each other, sharing food together, etc, etc.



I don’t know.

Maybe because I lived in an Asian country where pretty much everybody does the same interactions with one another (despite being straight and all) that’s why I never see anything that could prove the pink cloud that surrounds Taeyeon and Tiffany.

In fact, I think they are two people who are prolly under a lot of stress finding a good boyfriend instead.

Also, not just Taeyeon and Tiffany but all nine girls of SNSD have been together for 10-12 (maybe more) years together. They are so comfortable with each other to the point that they’re already like real sisters. Isn’t it better to celebrate their strong friendship instead of tainting it with malicious assumptions?

Yes, I said it.


I don’t know. It really just bothers me when TaeNy shippers go beyond what is considered acceptable by standard. I’m not even saying I’m right and that they are wrong. It’s just the fact that they keep on labeling them.

It’s true that SNSD are public figures that would constantly receive criticisms and unwanted comments and realistically, I can’t do anything about that but yeah. I guess I just wanna let this out coz the bothersome feeling doesn’t go away.

Aigoo… There are definitely a lot of things to like and dislike in a certain fandom but at the end of the day, as long as all SONEs continue to support and respect these people, then everything will be fine.

Just, best of luck to all of them! HAHA!

Man. After all those ramblings:



13 Responses to “The TaeNy Issue”

  1. I do not think that Taeyeon is gay too… She has a boyish side yes, she is a dork yes, she keeps to herself BTS yes… but I really don’t think she is gay.

    • This. THIS! I totally agree to everything you said. It really makes me smh whenever they say something so ridiculous about Taeng. *sigh*

      • “Something so ridiculous”
        Yet, you’re doing the exact same thing as the ones who assume things without knowing the truth, you’re not better than them now.

      • Of course I am not any better than them, Nathan. I’m just an observer. That’s why I never claimed that I am RIGHT and they are WRONG from the post itself.

        It was merely an opinion since their actions is very common between friends, to be anything more than that. I guess the blurred line is due to the fact of difference in culture. Kekeke :3

  2. agree w/ U and im so tired of the word TAENY IS REAL,.. i mean theyre just bestfriends and they dated guys, legit or not but i know youve heard about khunfany, taeteuk, junsu and tae right?

  3. it’s really surprise me that teany shipper really want them to be a lesbian pairing. i thought they just want to proof that taeyeon and tiffany have a REAL friendship, but it turn out scary lol. and tiffany seems quite religious so i don’t think it’s true.. why can’t tiffany have a bff and a boyfriend at the same time? that’s just a normal stuff.

    • AGREED to everything you said. I thought that when TaeNy started, it was for the sole purpose of exemplifying the friendship they both shared. LOL. Apparently, some people are totally hardcore. We can’t say for sure but I’m just glad that both of them are good with each other :3

  4. Eyes never lie.. if we look at point you can get something different between taeny..not because i want to say they are real but this is about feeling.. they have feeling each other so why did we can accept it? During not disturb so dont disturb too..
    Dont bite if you not want it..
    Think smart guys.. nothing is ever impossible
    We love snsd.. we support all
    Religious not guarantee someone will be in heaven..the same with not guarantee someone about anything..
    Just herself and God knows it..
    Please give more love to soshi..include taeny..
    Thank you

  5. i agree with david…. I try soo hard to not believe them/taeny shipper, but the result is there is something about taeyeon and tiffany.
    im sone and im muslim if that can help,
    just look at them,
    and compare them with the other members. Sunny and taeyeon is super close but they are really different between taeyeon and tiffany.
    just make observation…

    • The way I see it, TaeNy share a tight friendship with one another and I really really like it about them because you see how much they care for one another. Maybe I’m just not picking it up but I never once saw anything different between them and well, the two being in a relationship kinda cemented that but who really knows right? I’ll just believe what has been confirmed and support them anyway possible :3

  6. With the climate in Korea, we’ll probably never know until the end of their careers.
    Either they will marry guys
    Tae will move to Cali with Tiff.
    Either way, your problem seems to be only with the label. Your prerogative.
    Here’s my take:
    Straight or gay, they are obviously the most important person in each others lives. AND, they offer hope to people who might be struggling themselves with their sexuality. And here you are taking that from them.
    tsk tsk.

    • Thank you for your comment. Uhm, I don’t want to take their happiness away from them. It’s people labeling them when they didn’t confirm anything for sure is the thing that doesn’t seat well with me. I’m not gonna love them any less if they are romantically committed with each other, you know. Love is something you celebrate. So until they’re comfortable to tell more about themselves, let’s let them be. Putting label, any label, gives more stress to an individual than leaving them be.

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