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According to Urban Dictionary (which is coincidentally my favorite site as well)



Pictures taken of oneself while holding the camera at arms length. Also known as being camera raped, where one person takes many pictures of themself on another’s camera.



For how many years now, I’ve been referring to this act as taking a Selca. Selca which stands for Self-Cam (thanks K-POP for opening my eyes to it).

I know nobody’s asking me and nobody will give an ass rat about what I think but I am getting really annoyed by this newly conjured term.






S E L F I E S . . . ? !


How atrocious that word even sounds like! I just… OMG… I would need a while to get used to this word. And yesh, I am quite worked up on this dumb thing coz it just happened without warning and everybody started using it! LOL!

Oh well, towel. It’s like 1am as I type this anyway and to be honest, after watching Love Summer by Baifern (I love Baifern because of her movie with Mario Mauer but that movie is just a waste of my time) I still think I’m on crack. HAHA! Gotta stop this useless ranting now.

But before that, here’s some great Taeyeon SELCAS (in no particular order and no, I’m not gonna use the term selfie until the day I die! HAHA!) because I am a nice person like that ❤










And then after seeing these, I realized that you just don’t take a pretty selca. I think you need to be actually pretty yourself. I mean, while these pretty people are taking such cute selcas, I’m like:



Actually, I just don’t know how to act in front of the camera so this argument is invalid. Aigoo. I can’t stop with these useless ranting… I need to seriously hit the hay now.



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