I Am An Only Child

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Seriously, this is a rather depressing moment.

I’m the eldest in a brood of three. However starting today (and for a whole month), I’ll be my Mom’s only child here in the Philippines :c Back in March, my brother finally migrated in the US to be with my Dad. The original set up was for me to go back as soon as I finish my school but I’m delaying it as much as possible so I’m still here in the PI.

And then now, just a few minutes ago, my sister just left to go to Singapore. She quit her job to try and get a better job in another country. But her leaving would mean leaving my Mom and I by ourselves at home and it’s just… really, really lonely… :c



Like what I said before, this feeling of being left behind is so, sooo painful. I know she’s only gonna be there for about a month to look for work but if she does get a job there, then…

You could just imagine…

Huhuhuhu :c

We always joked about me being a supposed only child (April and Allan wasn’t in the plan. HAHA!) but if I’ll be completely honest, I wouldn’t want them separated with me. The three of us have a great relationship together that even after a month, I’m still not used that my brother’s not around anymore (fuck, I cried a river when he left for the US). And now that I’m barely getting used to my bro’s absence, now I needa get used with my sister’s absence as well.




I just wish that everything goes well for all three of us.

I miss them already </3

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