And They Lived Happily Ever After~

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April 12,2013. The date when two of the most beautiful people I know got married.

Although everybody expected this to happen eventually, nobody would’ve thought it would happen two weeks after the best friend came back from Australia.

Surprise attack after surprise attack! Like seriously!


But still, this event was beautiful so it didn’t matter :3

I was also there to celebrate with them! I’m so lucky to be there and witness the exchange of their vows. I don’t know what to feel… I was just really, really happy for them! The two really suited each other and you can see how everybody felt the same way as me for this couple! Eric’s parents looked very proud and Tita Susan looked so young with her white dress. For a sec, I thought she was the one getting married and not her daughter! HAHA!!!

It was nice seeing Yves, too! HAHA!

And finally, I met Teresa! HAHA! I’ve heard so much about her the past 14 years! Thanks to the wedding, we finally get to meet her. She’s such a darling! No wonder she’s also one of ‘dalla’s good friend. HAHA!

As to be expected, the ceremony was short but meaningful. All of us are smiling from ear to ear. That was it! That’s another start of a wonderful chapter of their lives ❤


^ OMG, I almost cried when they were announcing their vows. I just… Ugh!!!


^ Even the way they held their hands felt so surreal! Look how perfectly their hands fit together!!! HAHA!!!


^ Te-hee! Signing paper works and stuff :3 The one who was taking care of the paperworks was such a nice guy, too. He was all smiling and very accommodating. I like him. Since I was one of the witness for this marriage, I had to sign same documents as well. Oh mah gaaahhhd. It was my first time, too! I think I trembled a little bit? LOL! But hey, I’ll do anything for the bestfriend! I even ditched my morning class just to be there with her. I wouldn’t miss this for the world ❤

And of course! the event wouldn’t be complete without taking a picture with the bride and groom!!!


^ Is it obvious how happy I was for the beautiful bride I call the bestfriend? HAHA! Big smile ❤


^ And also a picture with the handsome groom!!! He was so tall we had a bit of difficulty taking this picture. Eric looked like he was struggling to fit in the picture. HAHA! Too adorable! And oh! I love his collar shirt we saw at F&H. Te-hee! So perfect! The couple had a couple shirt! LOLOLOLOLOL!


^ And then the whole family huddled together for a group picture! The judge was adorable. And oh, no wonder Eric was so tall.. His whole family are practically giants! I’m so jealous! HAHA! Krys definitely aims to improve the race ❤


^ ‘dalla with the her beautiful Mother-in-Law. Just like the bestfriend’s husband, she was so niceeeeeee!!!! I bet she really has a warm personality. She treats us as if it wasn’t our first time meeting her. I love her, too!


^ And then Eric with Tita Susan!!! HAHA! Our flawless Tita never seems to age I’m so jealous! LOL! It seems like I’m jealous of everyone :3

Anyway, right after the ceremony, we proceeded to the reception. Before that, we picked up my other bestfriend, Tin Tin my labs, who unfortunately, didn’t get to go to the ceremony… Poor Ayesha… Her daughter’s suffering from fever so she can’t really leave her for long… I’m just glad that at least she was able to be with us at the reception!


^ Oh this beautiful momma!!! I miss her, too!!! Imma visit her later fo sho! It’s so nice that even if the three of us never get to see each other everyday, whenever we’re together, it seemed like we never parted at all. HAHA! I guess we’ve been friends for that long that distance isn’t an issue at all. Mind you, My Labs and I have been classmates since third grade! HAHA! How time flies!


^ Oh! Event wouldn’t be complete without a group pic with my fave peeps! I wish we could’ve taken more pictures together but I honestly have only one picture to share. Ugh! I am such a horrible person for not capturing the moment! Grrrr!!!


^ And woot! With the BFFs! This is friendship that will last forever and ever and ever~


^ And lastly, a birthday picture. It so happens that it’s also Eric’s birthday on their wedding day! HAHA!!! He turned 30 that day! Way to make the day even more special than it already is. Hihihi!!! (oh gawd, what’s up with my horrible English and their redundancy! I wanna hang myself…)

But yeah… What a day!

I wish I could’ve stayed longer and be with my fave peeps a little bit more so we could celebrate but school had to be a bitch and start early that day. Grrrr!!!

Still, this will remain as one of my best memories of this lifetime!!!

I’m glad the both of you finally tied the knot! And like I always say, live happily ever after~<3

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