Accomplished Day: BoA related

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Welp, for some reason, yesterday was a great day ❤

I don’t know what hit me to be honest but the drive I had to finish a lot of my work was amazing. For one, I finally get to finish my YunBoA oneshot story entitled “Never Again“. I missed writing fluff and I can’t wait to post it up! Just need a bit of tweaking until I’m finally satisfied but oh… It’s coming out soon!

To accompany the  said fanfic, I was also able to start conceptualizing for a fanfic poster to couple with it.


I actually like it very much, with just this cropped version, for my story and I’m almost sure imma use this version in the end. What do you think? Although it doesn’t really tie up with the story premise… But oh well. Details. It doesn’t hurt to post up sensual YunBoA pics once in a while so why not.

To add, Lexie-chan was also able to finally make a chibi BoA drawing!!! Ugh!

Eversince I saw this BoA picture:


I know I just have to have my own fanart! So after so much struggle, I finally did it!!! And I feel very pleased with it (except the fact that I don’t have a scanner so I can properly showcase it. Ugh! Artist problems…)


^ TBH, it was harder for me to sketch this than any of the other steps to follow. Oh gosh, I struggled a lot drawing BoA’s right leg! I think it still looks weird here but again, details

IMG_4432 IMG_4433 IMG_4434

^ Lineart, despite it having to demand full concentration, is fairly easier for me to do rather than the sketching part itself.  And this is only a chibi drawing! So just imagine whenever I draw a full manga style artworks… (actually, I’m really just not talented enough explaining why I have a hard time most of the time)

IMG_4435 IMG_4436

^ And then lalalalalala~ Started coloring the BoA sketch and it’s shaping up real good! I had fun adding details (especially on her hair garment). Take note, I was even working on it while people were watching!!! I’m just so glad I didn’t mess up! (and I missed using my Copic markers…)


^ And finally, the FINAL PICTURE!!!! *pleased momma* I know it’s far from being perfect what not but this is still an accomplishment for my part so y’all just gonna have to accept that. HAHA!

I wish I am able to make more of this. Ahh… Anything for BoA, man… Everything just kinda revolved around her and I regret nothing!!! Fandom has given me a chance to channel all these creativity into something more productive. I’m just so happy! HAHA!!!

But hold on! There’s more!!! The biggest accomplishment I actually achieved last night was being able to finish scripting my manga!!! The last step before I can send it to my other friend to proof read it. HAHA!!!! Gosh, Im so excited!!! So as a teaser, here, have some “Free Hugs“!

FT crop

If you are going to attend Komikon at the end of the year, please support my manga! Thank you ❤

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