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There’s a reason why it took me a while to finally decide to go back to the Philippines and start all over again with my life by taking the course that I have always wanted.

The truth is, I was very afraid that after taking an art class, I’ll still have a hard time looking for a job related to it. And true enough, that’s what’s happening now…


It’s incredibly making me anxious and I’m seriously losing my confidence in myself. Like I’ll be forever stuck in this depressing state of not achieving anything spectacular in my old age, and forever holding on to the comforts of my home. It’s vexing. I feel trapped by the circumstances. I’m not sure if I was born to be unfortunate, cursed to have a miserable life, or I just don’t know anymore…. This sucks.


The last time I got a response from all the places I’ve applied to was like two days ago from SM corp. They’ve received my application and reviewing my data. Either than that, I’m like rotting away.

And then last night, we were talking to my sister via skype and now, she’s urging me to go to Singapore to try my luck there. She was very enthusiastic about getting me a job there and I’ve actually started fixing my resumé and cover letter to cater to that. I don’t know. I feel like I’m just going with the flow. Like all of a sudden, I’m losing myself and my tight grip of what I wanted for myself.

I’m so confused.



I’m actually really scheduled to go to Singapore in the coming month. At first, it was just to visit my sister and get her all the stuff she needed . But now, it’ll be for a different reason. Aigoo! IDK. I want to just evaporate into thin air… :c

I cannot take my pathetic self anymore…


12 Responses to “Here’s the thing”

  1. Why don’t you apply as a writer? there’s a lot of magazine companies that are looking for a writer!

    • I actually tried applying as a content writer for a certain site but didn’t get it :c although I’ve never really applied anywhere else. Maybe I should tackle this path a little bit more.

      Thank you for the concern! I appreciate the thought and advise :3

      • Yeah, try to apply in a field where you love the most! The thing that you do best. If you’re here in the Philippines try applying to Summit Publishing House, they are looking for some writers.

      • Haha, I actually started looking at their career choices a while ago and applied to some graphic artist position opened :3 imma try and apply as a writer, too. I guess nothing wrong to try everything. Haha!

      • Yes, there’s nothing wrong with it! By the way i love your SNSD project! I have that same project too but in a different approach though.

      • HAHA! I saw your SNSD articles, too! You needa make one for everybody, okay! I already read Hyo’s, Jeshka’s and Tiff’s :3

  2. Yeap, So far those are the only articles for GG but if you like Wonder Girls I also have that same project for them.

    • I did notice. And haha, you like Sun Ye :3

      TBH, I never really follow the group and I think I can only recognize Sun Ye (most of the time) and Sohee. BUt I plan to check them out soon ❤

  3. Yeah, Sun Ye is like my ultimate bias, next will be Tiffy. I would really love it if get to know them more!

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