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Last Monday, I went to Makati to take an exam for a possible position at Endlessrise Inc. I applied as a Blog/Content writer (surprise!). It was a great job posting and I do hope I do get the position. I hope my exam goes well and they actually call me for an interview. No expectations but I’m hoping for the best :3


I really like that place. It was chill, it was cozy, it’s almost safe to say that it’s such a stress free office. I’m not even kidding. People were all smiling and seemed to be friends with one another. They share food, talk with each other in between work and IDK. It charmed me… Prior to going to their office (located at the 31st floor of Chatham House behind PBB, woo!), I made it a point to read the details about their company. And as I was reading more about their team, I was just left at awe. The company does take care of their employees and ugh. Such a fabulous place ❤

But from here on, it’s a waiting game. I was told that it’ll prolly take a while before they announce if I get shortlisted or not so……


And then yesterday, I got an email from another job offer. It’s a place around Dasma. Same thing, I applied as a writer thingy (there’s a lot of scope for this job they call Virtual Assistant specifically). So, they informed me that they are interested in my application and that as a way of screening, I would have to answer approximately 36 Ms. Universe type of questions. It was such a struggle answering it coz I need to kinda sell myself you know?


Truthfully, it wasn’t as hard as one would think but still, THIRTY-SIX QUESTIONS.

So around 1ish in the morning, I was already reaching the end of the bulk when the questions suddenly mentioned the thing about employment bond and uhhh… I felt rather iffy about it.

So I was like:

Q: How do you feel about an employment bond? A promissory contract (usually 6 months to a year) that states you simply cannot quit when you feel like without consequence and must perform meeting the standards you have set when you sold yourself, your skill sets, work ethic, attendance, and attitude during the final interview.

A: I personally think that an employment bond is unfair. Every person should be entitled to make their own decision. If they think they can get a better opportunity someplace else, why would they go through such a hard time for that. We’re here to help each other out and I think an employment bond is something quite restrictive of that freedom.

HAHA! And I actually unleashed my inner sass :3


I can’t help it. It’s not like I’m going to stay a long time here in the PI. In fact, I prolly have less than a year to enjoy my time here. And so, before I send the email back to the hiring personnel, I told my mom about it this morning and she said not to go through with it anymore. Like my logic, she said that I’m not even going to stay for long and this kind of term would be more of a disadvantage for me.

Of course we understand why they have this kind of term. We understand that they are only doing this for the longevity of their company but how we see it, my mom and I felt like it’s not yet meant for me…

So in the end, I’m not sending my application form.

Not now.

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  1. That gif of Tiffy is so freaking amazing!

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