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Seriously though, you have got to be shitting me right now. 



And so, I kinda came across this dude on OKC. He messaged me first telling me he wanted to be friends and stuff. TBH, I don’t really filter anybody that messages me unless they send me a one word to one sentence type of message then I’ll just blatantly ignore them. I would require a little more effort than that you know…

ANYWAY, so this dude, John, messaged me and we kinda talked a little bit. He told me about the nature of his work. He’s kinda working on films and stuff. He’s got his own company and at the time I was talking to him, he was even in SG. You could say that he’s at least a stable man and a more ‘okay’ candidate to talk to, personally. (gotta think long term here, mate :3)


A couple more chats, I ended up telling him about my one and only experience in a relationship that lasted barely three months. And then of course he’ll parallel this by telling me about his past relationship.

He said he just got out of a 5 year relationship and is in the process of moving on. I don’t know how the whole thing progressed anymore but I ended up being okay giving him my number (he’s really not that bad) and now I ended up being a sort of psychiatrist to him without warning.


Boy, I did not see that coming *A*

I was so stunned to learn that he just ended his relationship for barely two weeks when we started talking!!! Like omg! And he was already on OKC?! I would’ve thought it’s already been a few months at least but not a few days after the break up.

Unfortuantely, it was too late for me. I wouldn’t entertain him if I knew about this little detail but I already somewhat talked to him at length to the point that I even gave him my number and I’m like… What the actual fuck is this shit?!

Why am I suddenly acting as his official shock absorber like omg… I’m looking for a boyfriend not a whining baby. To be quite honest, I don’t even want to hear him talk on and on about his ex-girlfriend. Who the hell are these people anyway? I absolutely don’t even care and if anything, I’m just really being nice to him for me to be this responsive (I wouldn’t want to add to his already stressful love life by ignoring him. It’ll leave a bitter taste. Lol!). Either than that, I would’ve just disappeared.


Right now, he’s being a total jerk if you ask me. You go on OKC to mingle with potential ‘boyfriends‘ (assuming they’re single — FOR A LONG TIME) not to become a councilor (or worse, a rebound) hearing about their story of their break up and shit. I can’t be bothered right now. I don’t even reply to his messages anymore as actively (you know, for him to get the message) but dude just have the need to pour everything on me.

I’m so sorry but your problem is not my problem.




[I am starting to think that I really have a major bad luck finding a good guy. Woot!!!! FOREVER ALONEEEEEEE~]

[PS. This is my 500th post, too. And of course I’ll be ranting my heart away. Good grief. LOL! Well, it’s just one boy against all the blessings I’m getting so God is good <3]

3 Responses to “Rebound.”

  1. Haha! We will be 2 forever aloneeee!!!! 😛
    But maybe it’s because you didn’t meet to good one ~
    Personally, I prefer being single and having one big love than having a lot of boyfriends (and breakups!!!)
    PS. Congratulation for your 500th post!!! ♥

    • Haha, you are so right! And contrary to what they probably think, I may be single but I’m happy :3 and true, better have my one true love than too many boyfriends and breakups :3

      Oh! Thanks! Can’t believe it’s been 500 posts already :3

  2. I know (that I’m right)! 😉 ^^
    you’re welcome! :3

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