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Who doesn’t want some recognition? Coz I mean, I’m sure I want to be recognized and stuff… How about you? Hihi!!!

TBH, I’ve already seen my stuff being circulated around the world wide web. Been seeing a couple of my fan edits on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr being reposted. I’m not really bothered by that, like some people. I actually find it quite flattering if you ask me :3 Even when a certain online store used my artwork as their item packaging didn’t faze me (when I would usually just throw a bitch fit).


IDK. It feels good in a way that it makes me feel like I prolly did something really worthwhile (for the fandom and for myself) to be recognized. HAHA!

Actualy, just a while ago, I was stalking the YunBoA tag on Twitter. One of the tweets mentioned a positive comment about a certain YunBoA picture and when I clicked the link, it redirected me to my own fanedit picture like… OMG, whuuuuutttt?!


Not just that, I also messaged someone asking for their AFF id since she writes YunBoA fanfics (I’m a YunBoA fan. Do not judge me!) and she (I’m assuming she’s a girl) was like, “I know you!“. HAHA! Apparently, she read all of my fanfics on AFF. Hihi! That really made my heart swell :3 I love how unexpected people recognize you by just your username alone. I guess it helps that I have my own branding, if you know what I mean :3



And although I’m not the type of person who does things for popularity (not that I’m popular to begin with), getting a little attention doesn’t hurt. In a way, the recognition makes me want to strive harder, like a positive reinforcement so yeah… I shall never stop contributing to the fandom and satisfying myself any way possible. Kekekeke :3

Oh well, just really happy ❤


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