BoA: Make Your Move

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The official trailer for BoA’s movie “Make Your Move” was finally released!

It took two painful years before fans from all around the world saw an actual trailer clip for the movie! It sounded ridiculous but you gotta commend how patient the fans were for this majestic moment to be coming into fruition, and I know I couldn’t stop myself from spazzing as soon as this news erupted on Twitter! And you know what’s funnier? It’s the fact that BoA didn’t even know her movie was slated for an international screening this July until fans started telling her about it!!! Her staff purposely zipped their mouths from telling this to BoA. HAHA, dorks!



And it seems like there would be several types of official posters for Make Your Move depending which country it’s going to be screened. Not really feelin’ these designs but I’d take everything you have to offer me!!! Good thing they released a lot of official stills so that definitely cured my unsatisfied feelings about the posters ❤




Seeing these steamy pictures while I was at work was not the best feeling ever… I am very “animated” whenever I express my feelings to anything I love (anything related to BoA or SNSD pretty much) and having to suppress all my feels as I saw these still was just so depressing…

I don’t know I survived that blow as I drowned my feels in silence…






And as an ultimate YunBoA shipper (and ohhhh… you don’t even want me to go there), I was quite shocked when I realized I actually like BoA and Derek’s tandem! You can’t deny their chemistry as they were dancing and I was just totally floored by it! They were able to fully express themselves through dancing and I couldn’t thank the Gods enough for this wonderful opportunity to showcase BoA’s dancing prowess.

With Derek, BoA truly leveled up from her usual song dance type of performance TO THIS.

This was different.

This movie showcased a side of BoA we’ve never seen before… And I’m just so ecstatic about it, you don’t even know…


Well, as of now, the complete released date for the movie hasn’t been announced so you better check out your local theaters for it. So far:

Make Your Move || COBU 3D Release Dates:

  • Norway: July 12 2013
  • Belgium: July 24 2013
  • Denmark: July 25 2013
  • Netherlands: July 25 2013
  • Russia: August 8 2013
  • Italy: August 15 2013
  • Thailand: August 29
  • Hong Kong: October 17 2013


Welp, no dates for the Philippines right now. And that’s not okay. Ugh.

I can only pray for a miracle right now… LOL.

Oh well, towel!!! I meant to spazz some more but I’m going to a BoA event tomorrow with my fellow BoA PH Jumping so I gotta try and rest. Hihi!!! Aja aja fighting!


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