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Yesterday, I went to the first ever BoA PH gathering!  A lot of fellow Jumping attended the event. It was my first time actually meeting fellow Jumpings (here and abroad) and the experience was really so amazing!!! Definitely one of the best memories I’ll ever have!

Above is a tarpauline we set up at the meeting place because it can’t be an actual BoA gathering without it. Hihi! I was shocked that they actually have one, to be honest!

That’s when I realized that these people might be as hardcore as me. Muwahahahaha!


Anyway, the first thing we did was introduce ourselves as we tell the story of how we became BoA fans. Most of the people present know each other from a while back already so it’s pretty much me and Ace (a fellow Jumping from Cavite! What are the chances, right! He lives around Bacoor too!!! Oh gosh!) who’s spilling our BoA story for the first time. But it was great and such a wonderful feeling hearing about their stories and being able to relate to each of our experience and ugh… I was overwhelmed with feels!!! You don’t even know… It was my first time meeting them but it felt like I’ve talked to them for ages already *A*

It wasn’t long when we proceeded to the next part of the program.

We played some game! Hihi!!! I didn’t know they set up an actual event such as this! That was legit and exciting ❤

Anyway, we did a human bingo at the beginning. It was a great way to get to know the other people. It was so funny! One of the portion to be filled up was: “Do you ship BoA with any DBSK members“. I mean, fuck. These people get me fer realz. Hello! Big YunBoA shipper right here! Kekekeke!


Actually, the game had a lot of interesting stuff in it. Unfortunately, none of us really completed the list BUUUTTTT!!!! I managed to win coz I was too assertive and approached a couple of new people who arrived and asked them to fill out my human bingo paper/card. That only left me with three missing slots. I have the least number of empty slots so I won! Kyah! I won a personalized BoA fan and it’s purple and omfg!!!!!!!


Well, when that ended, Lara had us pick up from a draw. I got “Valenti“. Apparently, we were supposed to group ourselves into four making two teams for a charade game! HAHA!!!! For this game, we had to re-enact a BoA song from a hand picked paper from the draw. HAHA!!! OMG! It was even crazier than the human bingo! HAHA!!! I couldn’t forget the way Jorge demonstrated the Bump Bump song for us to figure out :3 Hihi!!!


Our team was in the lead at the beginning but then the mechanics changed and we were down by two points in the end. Still, it was awesome ❤

A short game we played as well was the “group yourself” thingy. Lara would ask us a BoA related question and we’ll have to arrange ourselves according to the answer (eg. Arrange yourself by the amount of BoA albums you have in your collection, etc). We had to have a cheer too! HAHA! Valenti team had to screem “Jumping Jumping No.1”. HAHA! I coined the cheer and I would like to die from embarrassment OTL.

The last game was a BoA trivia contest. Aigoo! Another intense game for all of us! The questions was no joke! But I guess you could say that I’m really such a big BoA nerd that I even know how many business cards BoA received from different agencies when they saw her dance pre-debut (she received 15 calling cards! Well, she’s not BoA for nothing). So yeah…

We didn’t win in the overall tally (we’re down by two points in the end) but it was great! Hihi!!!! So crazyyyyy :3

photo 2-2

(here’s a picture of some of the BoA PH members. From left to right: Dominic, Lara, Doris, Dan, Lexie, Jorge and Ace)

So after that, we had to take a break and eat. We had Korean noodles (I forgot what it’s called but it’s oishii~) and sushi as our late lunch! As we were eating, a few members started belting it out for the karaoke! We started the noraebang session with Only One and The Shadow and omfg! I don’t care but I seriously sang my heart out yesterday! I sang Love Letter and Spark specifically :3 (at the end, I got the chance to sing Baby Steps as well! Hihi!).

It was my first time in a looooonnnggggg while to sing any Japanese/Korean songs and it felt rather nostalgic. Hihi!!! It feels great when everybody can relate to you and sing together with you ❤


Besides BoA songs, the members sang a lot of TVXQ songs as well!!! I sang Love in the Ice!!! My most fave fave TVXQ song and OMG! So amazing!!! (apparently, like 95% of the people ships BoA Shinki so this was a pretty normal occurrence despite being Jumping :3) I will never forget this!

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to have Leni with us during the event :c It was actually because of her that I got to meet all these amazing people. *sigh* We shall meet very soon when she’s back from Korea!

Well, when our reservation ended, all of us went to Megamall to have a short interview with a few people from an affiliated Kpop org (I forgot who they were exactly). So we ate at Yoshinoya and talked. It was great! Hearing more about BoA PH was very interesting. I participated for a little bit as well. I talked about my encounter with BoA when I was in the USA. I dunno if they are going to transcribed it tho. Those people said they’re going to release a news about this gathering and stuff. HAHA! Pretty legit, right?


We talked for a while. It consisted about a lot of spazzing over BoA (of course) and TVXQ. I am so glad that these people are in my fandom as well! Aigoo. And for them to be shipping YunBoA is another plus plus!!!! If only I was able to meet them earlier on then I wouldn’t be as lonely spazzing by myself… *cries*

But at least those lonely nights are over! Hihi!!!

Well, I went home together with Ace. Throughout our trip, we just talked about SNSD and haha! It was so fun to talk to a fanboy! It was different but the same at the same time. HAHA!!!! We’re looking forward to another meeting very soon. We’re praying it’ll be during the Make Your Move movie screening (if it does push through here in the PI) or during BoA’s birthday in November. Although we can still meet up whenever there’s interesting Kpop event in the future. Hihi! I’ll be sure to join! I don’t want to go through going to a Kpop event by myself like during DKFC. That was rather pitiful. HAHA! But I can’t complain… Anyway, I have friends now :3

photo 3


I came home with all of these. HAHA!!!

I was lucky enough to win a Here I Am notepad through the raffle. HAHA! And my personalized BoA fan! We also have a legit membership card, keychain, and BoA PH gathering stub as a remembrance. I didn’t expect it to be this official and I am so thankful I truly pushed myself to meet these wonderful people.

I won’t be as lonely anymore! HAHA!!!

To Lara, Dominic, Jorge, Dan, Doris, Avii, Ace and K-pop con staff (I think that’s the name of their group and also to Avii’s other friend), thank you for this wonderful time!!!!

We gotta meet up soon! HAHA!!!

Aja aja!


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  2. Lexie, thank you so much for this! This just made the preparations [including all the money spent] all worth it! This is just so rewarding. At least someone enjoyed! 🙂 It was great to meet you! 🙂 Hope to see you again soon! ^^

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